Dogman Encounters

I’m a city girl, so I don’t know a thing about tracks. Last winter, I was at the cabin and saw prints, in the snow, next to the small creek, near the frozen pond. The prints were a big circle, with 3, smaller circles, above the big circle. I wear a size 7 shoe, but wear a size 8 boot, to provide room, for extra socks. The print was bigger than my boot, which measures 11 inches long. I went home and looked on the internet, to see what kind of print it was. After doing that, I decided it must have been a wolf. After I heard about Dogman, a month or so ago, I checked the Bemidji Wolf Center’s website and discovered that wolf prints only get to be about 5.5 inches long. Since I don’t know anything about tracks, I couldn’t tell if it was a 4 or 2 legged creature, that had left the track. Of course, at the time, the 2 legged possibility was the furthest thing from my mind. I told my friend about the tracks and that I thought they might have been Dogman tracks. Although he was my friend, he said he didn’t believe in Dogman. He did say that a guy we went to high school with, back in the 80‘s, with whom my friend played music, at the time, said he had seen the devil, in the woods, when he was up north, hunting. He said it had red eyes, stood on 2 legs, had a dog head, was huge, and stared at him and then jumped across the gulley he was in like it was nothing.

One thing I forgot to mention is that I had a tough little lhasa apso with me when I saw those tracks. He is usually a fearless dog, but he would not leave my side all that weekend. I couldn’t even get him to go outside the cabin alone, to go to the bathroom. Also, my 300 lb brother is afraid of the cabin and won’t go up there alone. He doesn’t believe in Dogman or Bigfoot, but something about the place creeps him out. I’ve gone up there alone but rarely go outside, after dark. Once in a while, I find myself finishing up in the sauna, after dark and rush back to the cabin, which is about 100 yards away. I use an indoor bucket, instead of the outhouse, in the winter, when the water is turned off. I’m going to make sure that I put curtains up, on all the windows, now that I’ve heard your shows.

You’re a great show host. Thank you for providing this service, to help people.

Time: Afternoon
Date: January 2015