Dogman Encounters

My husband was on his way to work around 4 AM, on a rural road, while rounding an “s” bend when his headlights hit a large, dark-brown figure that was sitting about 30 feet off the road, watching the road. He described the figure as about 4 ft tall sitting with legs bent out in front of it. Wolf like face, large pointed ears, (does not remember eye shine) leaning back on human-like arms . My husband immediately felt endangered and floored his vehicle’s accelerator. This man has no fear of humans. I’ve known him for 30 years and have never seen him afraid of a natural being. He’s hunted and fished since childhood. It took him a couple of years before he told me about this sighting. He said his first thought was that thing can catch this car, rip me out and eat me if it wants to.

He was paranoid and had his head on a swivel all that day. Still, to this day, he cannot drive past that location without feeling “some kinda way.”

The second sighting occurred in 2010 and happened to a coworker. I noticed she was acting strangely whenever we talked about spooky things, so I asked her what was up. She said, “Okay. Don’t think I’m crazy.” Then she went on to tell me how one night, she was driving home from a late 2nd shift (between midnight- 1 AM), about 5 or so miles from where the 1st sighting occurred. She had to slow down to a near stop, to turn onto a road that would take her home. That’s when she began to hear what sounded like running alongside her car. That’s when she glanced out her driver’s window and saw the most horrible face. Her 1st thought was “werewolf!” She described it as being black and gray in color, with large teeth. She said she didn’t look again, but could hear it running next to her car until she reached 45-50mph. That’s no joke on a back road. She was scared out of her wits! After arriving home, she ran to the door, dropped the keys, went inside, closed all the curtains, and did not sleep a wink that night.

We’re both nurses and I’ve known her for about 7 years. She grew up in NYC and is not a storyteller. Neither of these people likes to talk about their sightings. You can see a change in them when their encounters are brought up. I don’t need to see one to believe them. I know they exist!

Times: Just after midnight for both encounters
Dates: 2007 & 2010