Dogman Encounters

I saw three of them, eating something big and bloody, in a field. They saw me, stopped eating, and followed me back to the farm when I got out of there.

This happened more than fifty years ago. It was forbidden to talk about, in the family, lest the neighbors think we were cracked pots. Now, all the old folks are gone and I’ve told my children about what I saw that day. They said I should write it down, but I think I’ll leave that up to them to do.

There were other strange things going on in the area, but at the time, we didn’t connect them together. If the aunts and uncles did know what was going on, they wouldn’t tell us kids. It’s been cathartic to talk about and I’m so pleased to see that others have seen them too, but I have to tell you, to think back on something I’ve tried to forget, for over fifty years, is terrible. It was so frightening, I haven’t been able to get a good night’s sleep; thinking back on all that gore and those things faces. I truly believe they would have eaten me if they hadn’t already just eaten.

When I finally told where and what had happened, I was called a bald-faced liar and given a good beating. Then, the folks went to the field and to the truck that I hid in and saw the gore, blood, scratches, prints, and all. Later, an uncle up the road, about five miles, had these prints come up to his house. He took pictures of them and there was a newspaper article about some sort of huge cat, prowling around. I don’t know if that has anything to do with those critters or not.

A neighboring farm that was owned by a wealthy family, compared to us, had a prized bull go missing. I bet that had something to do with those things. He was a huge thing and very ornery. They never found a trace.

I know this is choppy and not very clear, but it still makes me nervous to talk about it, after all this time.

Time: Afternoon, in the summer
Date: Over 50 Years Ago