Dogman Encounters

I was driving my girlfriend home from work. Both of us lived in a suburb of our small town, so the drive from her workplace is relatively short. The only off thing about our encounter was the fact we saw it in a suburb, as opposed to the wooded or rural areas, like other encounters. The moon was full, so we had a lot of light to see, but there were many mature trees in the yards of the houses surrounding the road we were driving on. All we saw was a large black blur, moving very fast. Almost as fast as a greyhound, at full speed. The length of the blur made me estimate it to be 6 to 7 feet. Both of us were shaken by the experience and headed home immediately. When we got home, my girlfriend and I recanted our experience with her family, who laughed at us for telling them we had seen such a thing. They brushed it off as a tall tale and went on with their nightly activities.

My girlfriend’s two younger siblings were planning on playing a game called Manhunt. It’s pretty much just suped up hide and seek. When the two of them headed out, not even two minutes after they walked out the door, they both bolted in, clearly upset and shaken. They both said they saw exactly what my girlfriend and I saw, but when they saw it, it was walking on its hind legs, under a street lamp. Because of that, they got a clear view of it. They said it was dog-like and was walking on its hind legs, on the street. After hearing that, we all as a group of witnesses, headed out in my car, to search for the beast and to warn the other kids playing Manhunt about the beast. My girlfriend’s siblings have stopped playing Manhunt after their experience and now that we all have a name to what we saw, we are all more shaken wondering if it will be back.

Time: Around 9 PM
Date: 7/21/2016