Dogman Encounters

I’d like to tell you about the encounter my son had, maybe 4 years ago. He told me about it then, but I had no clue. Now we have Dogman Encounters and now I know.

Here’s what happened. My son’s friend was driving him home, about 11 PM, through a rural, residential area. The houses are spaced some distance apart. They were on a 2 lane highway, with no street lights, and very little traffic. The area is not overly wooded but has patches of trees and fields. This area would probably be included in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains. Anyway, they were driving along, when suddenly, from the right side of the road, this “thing” sprang out, and was across the road, and into the bushes on the other side, in two leaps, or bounds, or steps, or however you want to say it. It was in full view, because of their headlights.

My son said the first thing he thought was “dog”. He went on to say that it was running on all fours, like a deer. He said it was the color of a deer, with a huge dog head, massive shoulders, and a really small waist. He kept repeating how big it was, so I asked for a comparison. I asked if he meant huge like maybe a big deer or was it maybe as tall as a cow. He answered and I can quote his answer, “Mom, this thing was massive. If we had hit it, the car would have gone underneath it and its body would have hit the windshield.” I don’t remember what kind of car it was, but it was about the size and shape of one of those older Sentras. He said that neither he or his friend said anything for about 10 seconds and then his friend yelled, “Did you see that?” My son said yes and they didn’t say another word the rest of the way.

And that’s it. It’s really creepy to me and I thought other listeners like might to hear about it. Thank you, Vic, for your show. I really enjoy it.

Time: 11 PM
Date: 2012