Dogman Encounters

My name is Gabriel Santos Cabral. I am 20 years old now and my encounter happened when I was 6 years old, turning 7.

Back then, my family and I lived in a country stead, in Londrina, Paraná, Brazil. It wasn’t a rural property, it was more like a country summer house, but in the city. The property was just outside the suburbs, in the Northwestern part of the city, edging the city limits and nearing the country. It was an approximately 420 square meters (502 square yards) piece of land, surrounded by 2-meter (6’5-foot) walls, for more privacy. The house sat in a far corner of the property, with a good view of the surroundings (90-95% view of the whole property from the front porch of the house). The region (Northern Paraná, where the city lies) resembles Southern Missouri or Northeastern Kansas, but it’s Tropical, rather than Temperate/Subtropical. The city is a metropolitan area, with a population of 486.000+ people. It would resemble Wichita (KS), or Kansas City (MO). The landscape is fairly flat, with some hills. The scenery has little vegetation, with only some parks and nature preserves, none big enough to have a decent population of any medium/large animal species, whatsoever. There are no bears in Brazil, and the largest predators found in the wild are the Maned Wolf, the Southern South American Cougar, and the Pantanal Jaguar (none of which, really, could be identified as what I saw. My encounter was brief, but it was clear enough for me to make out the shape of the creature (its color, size, etc). So, on to the encounter.

It was Friday, October 18, 2002. It was mid-spring (in the South hemisphere), and that night, there was a full moon, with relatively cloudy skies. We had a dozen dogs on the property, which all slept together, in a large kennel, on the side of the house. They would be pretty quiet at night, but on that night, they were unsettled and spooked. One of the dogs managed to escape from the kennel and was desperately trying to get into the house. I was alone, with my mom, and she asked me to turn on the floodlights, outside the house and check out what all of the what the commotion was about. I did that and went to the front porch, to scan the area, trying to see what could have scared the dogs. Staring at the corner, where we had a mango tree, 90-120 meters (98-130 yards) away, I saw this large, grayish creature running on all fours, avoiding the lights. It passed behind the mango tree and disappeared in the dark. As I saw it, I immediately identified it as being a Werewolf, like that from the movie “Bad Moon” (1996), but with a slightly larger head, thicker snout, and bulkier build. On its hind legs, it must have stood, at the very least, as tall as the property walls (2 meters, or 6’5 feet – I stand 1,74 meter, or 5’7 feet, by the way). I froze for a few seconds, after seeing it (it was a brief sighting. it lasted 2-3 seconds) and as soon as I recovered from the shock, I sprinted as fast as I could, back into the house, locked all of the doors, and closed the windows, that were still open.

I was familiarized with Werewolf movies, back then. I was already aware of the impossibility of there being someone who could shapeshift, into a monster, but what I saw was unmistakably similar to a Werewolf. So, since that encounter, I started to believe in Werewolves, only under the same concept of Dogmen (which are natural, rather than supernatural, and look the way they do 24/7); a term which I only came across recently.

And, that is the encounter I had, with a Dogman. Just like in the US, where there are places where sightings are frequent, there are places in Brazil where they happen frequently too. In the US, it would be Elkhorn (WI), Taylor (MS), and Marshall (TX); in Brazil, it would be Joanópolis (SP) and Três Lagoas (MS). Joanópolis has had sightings of Werewolves/Dogmen ever since its foundation. Its first mayor was said to be a Werewolf, back in the mid/late 1800’s. The town is filled with Werewolf references. Três Lagoas has had many sightings, ever since the late 1980’s/early 1990’s.

There was a series of nights, in this small city, in the 1990’s, where people claimed that a Werewolf was roaming the streets, at night, after dark, trying to invade houses, climbing on roofs, and howling, all night long, scaring people’s dogs, and attacking livestock. It really scared people. The state police began reinforcing night patrols and started investigating, assuming that someone was out at night, in a suit, scaring people. Some cryptozoologists even collected DNA samples. As it turned out, it wasn’t human DNA or that of any known animal (and it certainly wasn’t artificial hair, from a suit…).

Gabriel Cabral
Time: Late night; around 10:30 PM
Date: Friday, October 18th, 2002