Dogman Encounters

I wasn’t there, but my son, son in law, and their friend saw a Dogman. My son called me all freaked out that they had seen a Bigfoot because he knows I believe in Bigfoots. Now, my son always made fun of me for believing in Bigfoots. He asked me, “Dad. Can Bigfoots run on all fours?” I said, “Yes. “Why do you ask?” and he said, “Dad. We just saw one while out spotlighting rabbits. I asked him to describe what it looked like and he said they were hunting rabbits with a spotlight and he saw something hunched over. He said he then yelled to the others and let them know that he had seen something and then started to shine his light on it. At first, he thought it was a large bird because it was down like it was eating something. Then, it stood up on its hind legs and spread its arms out wide and when other two came to look at it, it dropped down and took off faster than anything they had ever seen before. He said it had a dog snout and was covered in fur, but you could see it was very muscular. My son is 6’2 and he felt it stood as tall or taller than him. When it took off, they ran after it and watched it jump and clear a huge rock pile in one leap, like nothing. That scared them and they all ran back to their car, to get out of there.

I spoke to all three and they all had the same story and described it the same way. I told my son that’s not a Bigfoot because Bigfoots don’t have dog snouts. I told him, “You saw a Dogman.” It’s funny that this happened around a lot of corn fields. The area also had caves and was covered in sagebrush.

Travis Terry
Time: 11:45 PM
Date: 2013