Dogman Encounters

My grandfather told me this story when I was a teenager. I’m 52 now. My granddad grew up in the woods of Central New Brunswick, in a very remote area, where only survivalists go now. Their whole family lived out in the sticks. They lived by hunting, fishing, trapping, and some logging.

Granddad said, when he was a teenager, he and his older brother, Duke, were up, in the early hours, checking traplines, on an old motorbike. it was early fall. Frost was on the grass and early morning mists still hung around the forest edges. He was rolling cigarettes with his brother and they were out of matches, so they dipped a bit of cloth in the gas tank and ignited it off the coil wire, while duke kicked the bike over. The sound of a bike being kicked over, without an ignition, is sort of like an animal call. That’s how my granddad described it. Anyways; just as they started smoking their cigarettes, my grandfather noticed something bounding through the tree line, toward them. Granddad said it ran in a way a bear did, but it stopped several yards away from them and stood up, on its hind legs. It was still too far away to tell what it was, but they assumed it was a black bear because they are very common in New Brunswick. That’s when it began walking, upright, toward them. As it got nearer, Granddad said it looked like a huge Werewolf! His family origin was German, so this was not unknown. it got as close as 20 feet away from them and then began to eye them closely. It sniffed their smokes and then turned and hopped/ran back to the trees. Granddad said they were not scared. He said they were only shocked that such a creature was living in the woods. Granddad said it was taller than any man, had a huge head, evil eyes, long, upright ears, hands with long claws, and had hair all over its body. I can’t remember what color he said its fur was, but he said it had wolf like legs.

That is his story and he had many more!

Date: Some Time in the 1940’s