Dogman Encounters

I haven’t heard a lot about encounters in Norway, Scandinavia. Not even Europe, but here is mine.

A little background info. I’m a 27-year old guy, from Norway, who lives in the western part of Norway. I work and have a girlfriend. I’m 194 cm tall or 6’4, in the US., 230 pounds, fairly athletic, and not scared of much here in life, but that night, I got incredibly scared. I haven’t walked, camped, or done anything in the woods here, since. I have been in the woods since, but not in this particular part of the country.

I have always loved the forest. It’s so quiet. I love being alone, actually. If I have spare time, I always like to do things outside. Whether it be fishing, jogging, playing soccer, basketball, hiking, or whatever, really.

Now, on to the encounter. The day was very normal. It was a Saturday afternoon. I had packed my tent and some food and was heading to the local mountain, for a one-night camping trip. It wasn’t a very difficult hike, but it was a very steep one. After 2-3 hours, even though I’m in respectable shape (I am heavy and long), I was pretty tired. I didn’t have any mobile phone or clock with me, but my best guess is that the time was around 8 pm. It’s not that easy to guess the time, since the sun is up almost all day and all night, when it’s summer time, in Norway.

It was a nice and clear Norwegian evening. It was typical summer weather. I made a fire and cooked some food. I had a couple hot dogs and a pack of marshmallows with me. After a couple of hours, I had eaten my food. Actually, I felt a little sick, because I ate probably 10 too many of the marshmallows. I had enjoyed my meal and taking in the heat of the fire, thinking what a lovely evening it was. Eventually, it started to get somewhat dark. I’m gonna say the time was probably around 11 PM. I had planned to kick back and read, but it became a little too dark to do that. Sure; I could see and all, but it became a little hard on the eyes to concentrate on the letters. I probably was a little too tired also. Suddenly, I heard a noise from a bush to my right. I turned, to look in that direction and saw it just standing there. It was standing to my right and kind of ahead of me. I’ve listened to reports and they all say it is some big 7-9 ft monster of a beast. This one really wasn’t that big. I would say it was 6 ft, at the most, but it shook me hard! In one moment, I was enjoying a nice evening, by myself and in the next moment, I felt extremely startled. It was breathing heavy, like a very tired man, but it sounded animal like; wild and weird. It sounded like it had throat problems, or slime in his throat, or something. I really don’t know how to describe it with writing. I was still sitting at this point and just looked at it. I believe I was actually frozen, in fear. I have never ever encountered anything other than a deer, in the woods. The most dangerous animal we have in this area is probably a fox. The creature was frozen as well. It was standing on 2 legs, with its arms down, at its sides. I can’t say how many seconds we both stayed like this. Of course, it felt like forever; an eternity. I couldn’t see its eyes because they were dark and kind of in the shadow of its brow or sockets and it also had some hair, but its head was fixed on me. That, I could tell. I was just sitting there, paying attention to what it was doing. I didn’t utter a word at it or yell. It just wasn’t something I considered doing. I was afraid of making the first move. Now; you know how a cat slooooowly moves its paws ahead, when it think it’s safe or when it thinks its prey isn’t paying attention? Well; to me, that was what it started doing.

The incident ended with me throwing a handful of red glowing sticks, from the fire at it. When I did that, it bolted. I will tell more if you contact me.

Time: Around 8 PM
Date: July 2014