Dogman Encounters

I’ll start off by saying that I have never believed in any of these sort of creatures, but I saw something in early 2009 that really disturbed me and is making me change my mind. I was not under the influence of any drugs, and I have better than average eyesight, and the lighting was nearing sunset, but I was still able to see clearly. So, I’ll get this underway and explain my story and maybe someone can shed some light on this for me.

I live in Fergus Falls, Minnesota, which is in west central Minnesota, about an hour drive from Fargo, North Dakota. My mother-in-law lives out in the country, about 3-4 miles out of Fergus Falls, and I was staying there while my wife and her mother went shopping in town. They called me and asked if I wanted to go to a 7 PM movie. So, I left the house at about 6:30 PM-6:45 PM to meet them at the theater.

About 2 miles from their house on a country road known as the Wendel Road, along the Mistinka River, I saw 3 white tail deer. 2 of the deer were rather small, probably just yearlings and a larger doe, who I assumed I was their mother. Me being an avid hunter, lover of wildlife, and future Wildlife Biologist, stopped to look at the deer. I should also mention that I hunt in the area and have spent my whole life in the Fergus Falls area. The deer were following a small creek bed, which is in fact, the Mistinka River, so there were hardly any trees, except for one. Maybe, because I didn’t see it there, because of the tree, but I just noticed something crouching behind the tree on my side of the road, looking at the deer, and to my belief, hunting them. It just sat there, looking at the deer, taking no notice of me, even though I was in my truck, no more than 40 yards away, with a clear view, with nothing obstructing my view of it. It had one “hand” on the tree that it was bracing itself with. What struck me as shocking was the fact that it seemed to be a 2-legged creature and not a 4-legged one. Its “hands” appeared to have opposable thumbs and were rather slender and long, very unlike a wolf. The creature looked as though if it stood upright, it would be over 7 feet tall, with a protruding muzzle, broad shoulders, a slender waist, thick, muscular thighs, and being as there was snow on the ground, I couldn’t see the feet. He was deep, dark brown in color throughout the body. After several seconds of looking at the creature in shock, the deer ran off. Then, something amazing happened. It looked right at me… As though blaming me for losing his meal. He just sat there, looking at me, and blinking, but not moving. This scared the crap out of me, so I hit the gas pedal and drove off.

It was very dark after the movie, so I didn’t much feel like trudging through the 3.5 feet of snow, with the possibility of a monster lurking in the area, who is currently looking for a meal that I scared off. So, at about 10 AM, I went back there and walked down to the tree. Under the tree, there was no snow, so there were no tracks that I could see, but leading up to the tree, there were 3 tracks leading in from my grandmother-in-law’s field, which was hard, black dirt, and if you know what a Minnesota field looks like in late winter/early spring, you can’t make anything out of the dirt. The tracks I did find were only about 6-7 inches in length, but were clearly K9 prints, with the exception of 4 toe-looking marks in the snow.

Well, that’s my story. If anyone has any information on this, let me know.