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New episodes of Dogman Encounters Radio premiere every Friday night, at 9 PM Eastern Time. If a new episode isn’t going to air on time, the status of that episode will be reported here.


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My Bigfoot Podcasts

In addition to hosting Dogman Encounters Radio, I have two Bigfoot podcasts as well. I’m the host of Bigfoot Eyewitness Radio and produce a new Bigfoot podcast, called “My Bigfoot Sighting.”  

New episodes of Bigfoot Eyewitness Radio air every Tuesday night, at 9 PM Eastern Time. Click here to go to the Bigfoot Eyewitness Radio Podcast Page.

I randomly air new episodes of My Bigfoot Sighting, so please subscribe to the My Bigfoot Sighting YouTube Channel and you’ll be notified when new episodes are released.


Host: Vic Cundiff

Music Track, “Ignis Fatuus” Courtesy:  RivR Ben Jamin

Illustrations Courtesy:  Chris Chin and Sarah Bergmann