Dogman Encounters

OK. So, I’m just gonna start off by saying that this isn’t my personal encounter. This happened to my mother and uncle when they were children. I know that the three encounters that were shared with me, in rich detail, have all been in the years that ended with a seven. That, in no way, is referencing the song by Steve Cook.

The encounter I’m about to tell you about happened in Lakeland, Florida, in 1977. My mom was 6 and my uncle was a few years younger than her. My grandparents were passing through and a friend of theirs let them spend the night in a vacant house that their friends owned. I’m guessing this was in the spring or summer because the windows were wide open, with bug screens on the windows. My grandmother was out in the front of the house, taking care of my youngest uncle, who was still a baby. My grandfather was reportedly using the bathroom at the time. My mom and uncle were in a back room, playing. She said the window that was in the room was very high. Imagine the windows that would be in a basement, except this was an upper floor window. If you were outside, the window would be about 10-12 feet off the ground, so the window was pretty high.

My mom said that as she and my uncle were playing, a huge, hairy paw, with long claws, reached up to the window and grabbed the screen. It then dragged its claws down, diagonally, across the screen. Needless to say, they were scared poop-less! They thought it was my grandfather, just playing a cruel prank on them. So, they barged out of the room and headed straight to the front of the house. They found my grandmother and demanded to know where my grandfather was. She said that he was in the bathroom, but the two of them didn’t believe her. So, they marched to the bathroom, opened the door and when they did, my grandfather was sitting there, on the toilet, in the middle of doing his business. The window in the bathroom was similar to that of the room that the two had been in. So, in all honesty, he wouldn’t have had time to climb out of the window, climb back up, and get back on the toilet. My grandparents both thought the two of them were just freaking out about nothing at the time. Grandma said she remembered the pair being horrified, though. So, they went out the next morning and what do you know? There were scratches on the outside wall of the house and the window screen was torn up.

I’m 17 now. My mom is 46. So, this was a long time ago when this happened. Even though it’s been such a long time, whenever mom tells the story, she gets scared and terrified, talking about what she saw. So, there’s almost no refuting what she saw and the things she described.

Conner Hull
Time: 10:00 PM
Date: Mid-summer of 1977