Dogman Encounters

My wife and I were driving back to our cabin we have in the north woods, after visiting friends in town. It was a hot, muggy, summer night, but it was cooling down fast, which made it start to get foggy. The road went about a half-mile, through a spruce bog, then up a hill, to where a farm field was, on the right. Hardwoods were on the left.

I was in my mid-fifties at the time and did not believe in “things” like what we were about to see. Out of the fog, from the farm field, going from right to left, came a creature. The creature was about eight to ten feet off the ground. The best way to describe what we saw would be to say, it looked like a person who had jumped off a trampoline and took off with their arms stretched out, in front of them, with their legs bent. It was upright however and was covered all over with fur. It was not a coyote or wolf, but looked like a cross between a man and some kind of canine. It had pointy ears and a long snout. My wife later said the head reminded her of the ancient Egyptian god, with a dog head, (but furry). It landed flat on its feet, directly in front of my wife’s van, no more than twenty feet away. The craziest thing is, it landed and jumped like a kangaroo; flying back off, into the fog. Its arms were still sticking straight out, in front of it. It did not act or look like any canine we know of. We had been going slowly, because of the fog. As soon as she saw that thing, she stopped the van. We just looked at each other, like, “Did we really just see that?” However; we did see it. And it still freaks us out, to this day.

Another weird thing is, we both felt that it was not of this world. It did not move naturally and that was just the feeling we got. We don’t tell many people about what we saw, because the people we have told don’t believe or want to believe we saw what we saw. However; I did tell a good friend of mine, who didn’t laugh, because he said, when he was a little kid, his father, who was a logger, used to tell him about loggers in the woods seeing “Dog man”.

I’m so glad I found this website. I see that other rational people have seen similar creatures. Like some others, I was with someone who witnessed it too. It must be really difficult for someone who sees one of these things, by themselves, to try and explain to others what they saw.

Date of Encounter: 08/2008