Dogman Encounters

I should start off explaining that my partner and I are experienced Bigfoot investigators who are in a unique situation, as we have a family group living in our research area. Last October, during the full moon, my partner and I were on our “Hilltop” having quite a bit of success with two juveniles and one adult (that we noticed). We could hear them walking in the leaf litter and every once in a while we could also hear a clack or wood knock from different directions. After a while, it seemed the feeling of “fun” for them dissipated and became a lot more cautious. Mike heard something to our north and went a ways down to investigate while I stayed by the camp, to make sure it wasn’t a diversion. He came back in a rush and said he had seen one of the young ones come out of the wood line, running for the other side of the fire break, and what was following, he said he couldn’t comprehend. It was about 6 ft tall, with pointy ears, and a long snout.

At this point, I have to say that neither of us have given any creed to the “Dogman/Wolfman/Grassman” theory. We just thought it was mistaken identification of a Bigfoot or a bear.

I had purchased a .40 cal. handgun (and some hydro-shock ammunition for it) earlier that day, so it was in my vehicle. After Mike had explained what he had seen, I retrieved my weapon and loaded it. All the while, we could hear the two young ones chattering and the big one stomping all to our backside. They were pissed or upset about something and they never acted that way with us. I had Mike take me down the fire break to where he saw this creature and with spotlights, we scanned the area. We could hear something moving around and a few short growls. Finally, Mike caught it with the spotlight going between trees and what I witnessed is something I would never have dreamed of seeing, except on a movie screen. A 6 ft wolf, walking on its hind legs!!! I fired my weapon in the air and it turned to the southeast, into the woods. We cautiously made our way back to camp, but we could hear this thing pacing us to our left. As we got back to camp, we kept listening to this thing approaching us from the woods. Mike turned on the spotlight and I leveled my gun wherever the sound was coming from. It was approaching us without fear and it felt to both of us like it was stalking us, as it was one of our juvies that Mike had witnessed. It came out from between the trees and I shot it square in the ribs at about 20 yards (We measured the next day and I am a VERY good shot)! I saw the wound and know without a doubt I hit it. It fell to the ground, but immediately got up and ran to the southeast. We could hear it crash through the brush, and we even heard it fall down or trip over something, but it continued to head in pretty much a southerly direction, down the hill, paralleling the fire break. We were both freaked by this time, and broke camp, and left. The next morning, I loaded up a few extra clips and we went back up to see if it died somewhere close, or was just wounded, so we felt we had to track it down. We did track it from the point of where I shot it, all the way down the canyon and even found where it made such a ruckus when it fell. The leaf litter was all upended and was fairly easy to track. At one point, we did find a perfect K-9 track in a mud ridge, but it was over 8 inches across. the thing that absolutely baffled both of us was that there was no blood trail. NONE!!! We both saw the bullet hit, yet no blood?!? We tracked it all the way down the canyon until we lost the trail. We talked to a Native American couple we know and they immediately said “Skin Walker.” We contacted a few other Investigators, to try and figure out what in the hell happened. I mentioned before, that neither of us took any creed from any Dogman reportings, but… I do know that neither of us wants to experience it again, and I have NEVER gone out in the woods unarmed since.