Please only use the form below to submit a report if you’ve seen a Dogman with your own eyes. If you just think you heard a Dogman or only found what you believe were footprints from one, please don’t submit a report. Also, if you want me to contact you, in an effort to help you deal with a Dogman encounter you’ve had, I only help eyewitnesses via telephone. I don’t use email to try to help eyewitnesses, because it’s too time-consuming. I only use phone conversations to try to help eyewitnesses deal with their encounters, because of my workload. Understand too that I only record phone conversations if the eyewitness wants to be on the show and they’re fully aware that the conversation is being recorded. Most of the eyewitnesses who contact me have no desire to be on the show, so I don’t record my conversations with them. 

If you would like to send a general message, please click the “Contact Me” link, near the bottom of this page.

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Please only submit a report if you have seen a Dogman, with your own eyes. Also, If you want to be a guest on the show, but would like to keep your identity hidden, let me know. I can digitally alter your voice and address you by an alternate name during the interview so that you'll remain anonymous.

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If you don’t want to report an encounter, but do want to send me a general email, please visit the Contact Me page, by clicking the link, below.


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