Dogman Encounters

I was around 9 years old or so and was at my mom’s friend’s house because they were having a little get-together. My mom’s best friend, at the time, decided to go get something, which was at a house nearby, down a dirt road, in the woods. My mom’s friend decided to take my friend and me with her. I wish I had never gone with her.

We rode with her, over there and when she got out, my friend and I stayed in her car and waited for her to come back. After sitting in her car for 10 minutes, we decided to get out, to see what was taking her so long. When we did that, she told us to get back in the car, so we did. As it turned out, she was buying weed, so we weren’t welcome in the house. So, my buddy and I got back in her car and waited for her to come out.

They had a lot of bulldogs at that property. The dogs had all been barking, like crazy, and then just stopped, all at once and went into their dog houses. That’s when my friend and I saw this thing that looked like some kind of Werewolf, coming from behind the car. We froze and just stared at it, as it walked by. Wow! It looked so demonic! When we saw it, we ducked down and laid on the floor boards. We laid there for what seemed like forever until we heard my mom’s friend hitting on the driver’s window, trying to get us to let her in. I guess it left when it heard her come out of the house or something.

John Locklear
Time: 9 or 10 PM
Date: Summer of 1990