Dogman Encounters

I was rolling the trash cans out, for pick up the next day. It was late, so I grabbed a flashlight. I walked out the back door, unlocked the gate, and was dragging the can while walking backward. As I passed the fence, it blocked my view of my neighbor’s garage. That’s when my light hit this wolf creature. I froze instantly. The creature was about twenty feet away and I could clearly see that it was crouching. When our eyes met, it turned to its right and fell to all fours and leapt my neighbor’s driveway, in one jump. That driveway is about twelve feet wide. The creature was about eight feet tall and maybe three hundred pounds. It looked kind of thin around the waist, but it was very muscular. I dropped the trash can and panic set in. I ran inside, grabbed my gun, and locked myself in my room. I’ve never felt fear like that before!

When the light hit its eyes, they were a vibrant, yellow color. His fur was short and charcoal colored. I could hear the clicking of his claws, when he dropped down, on all fours. I thought I was seeing things. I didn’t sleep a wink that night. It made me really question my sanity. Furthermore; it made me seek a concealed carry weapons permit.

Just a few nights ago, I heard something whimpering, when it was just starting to get dark. I slammed my window shut and hit the lights. I laid in bed, with my AR-15 that night.

Time: 10:15 PM
Date: 11/19/2015