Dogman Encounters

I don’t know what I saw, but I hope I never see it again. The dogs were raising Cain one night so I grabbed a flashlight and went to check things out. I walked to the top of my driveway to get a view of the kennels. I didn’t see anything around so I started counting sets of eyes. I have 5 dogs and I counted 6 sets of eyes. I thought “that can’t be right”, so I counted again and this time there were only 5 . I turned to walk back to the house and just looked back one more time and I saw a set of orange eyes even with the height of the kennels. I thought maybe one of the dogs was on top of his dog house. I walked towards the kennels to get a closer look and the eyes disappeared. I thought that was strange, but shook it off and came on back to the house. Later
that night around 2:30 am,  I stepped outside to smoke. I usually go out back because my back deck is 15 ft. up in the air and I don’t like the dark too much. Everything was quiet, no dogs barking or traffic coming up the road. That’s when I heard the sound of twigs snapping down around the tractor shed. I thought maybe it was a deer. I decided to get the flashlight and my gun and go check things out. It scares me talking about it. I live in the country and we do have bears, coyotes and all kinds of wildlife. I tried to sneak out and investigate and see what it was. I got about 30 feet from the tractor shed when I saw it. I froze, it looked like one of those long-haired, black German Shepherds, but it was standing and walking upright. Its head was even with the top of the post holding up the shed. My mind was still trying
to process what I was looking at. Then it dropped on all 4s and started coming towards me and I swear it was smiling at me but not in a friendly way, more like the “little red riding hood” story. I raised my gun and shot towards it and it was gone just like that. All I saw was the orange fire from the blast of my gun and my butt was running. I was going so fast my body couldn’t keep up with my feet. I tried to wake
my husband up, but he blew me off, said I was acting like a raving maniac…… I was terrified. When it got light that morning we went to check things out. Something had torn the wood off the bottom of the kennels and there were deep claws marks all over  the ground. We put up a trail cam but never got any pictures of it.

I try not to go outside much after dark unless we have a lot of folks around. I thought maybe it could’ve been a skinwalker or something because after that everytime I turned around, the TV was talking about skinwalkers. I ran across your site and it may have been a dogman. I know my grandkids are scared to stay here. I try to play it off as a dog so as not to scare them, but they think there’s a werewolf in the woods, haha funny. Not funny for me…

Time: 2:30 AM
Date: 6/2019