Dogman Encounters

My parents had a house in the countryside in Styria. To give you a little layout of the area; we lived in a valley surrounded by other houses. The valley itself was surrounded by thick forest and still is. There were two bigger roads you could take to leave the valley. One would lead to the city, the other one went downhill to a small village. Both roads went through the forest.

I was fifteen at the time and decided to spend the day at a friends house in that village. I stayed a little longer than I usually would and by the time I was ready to head home, it was dark outside. I had a moped/autocycle at the time, which was really slow going up hills. So, I rode out of the village and was riding over a bridge. Before I reached the end of the bridge, I thought I saw something to my right, in the forest, but I figured it was nothing. Pressing on, I rode up hills on the road and continued through the forest. As soon as I passed the part where I thought I saw something in the forest, something stepped out of it. I couldn`t see what it was because there were no street lights but I had a bad feeling in my gut. I rode as fast as I could (around twenty-one mph) and when I looked in the side mirror, I saw two yellow-ish eyes right behind me! Whatever it was followed me like that, halfway through, until we reached a fork where a farmer had cut a little path in the forest. The entrance to it is usually blocked by a gate similar looking to a railroad gate. Whatever was following me just raced to this gate (it was way faster than my moped), jumped over it and ran into the forest.

We don`t have bears or wolves here, and why would a deer follow me, let alone that close (maybe two feet away). Sadly, it wasn’t my last encounter with this thing.

Martin L. Fink
Time: Between 7 & 8 PM
​Date: 2009