Dogman Encounters

I lived in the Akatarawa Hills, for a time. One night, I was outside, with my then partner, in the yard, which backed onto some hills. I was using a flashlight to point out star constellations, in the sky, when I heard a rustling noise. When I heard it, I shone my flashlight where I heard the noise coming from and to our amazement, we saw a figure, about seven to eight feet tall, with light creamy/gray, shaggy fur. It was upright, on two legs, and had its front paws/arms held upright, a bit like a kangaroo would. It had a face like a wolf, but I thought its snout was a bit longer. Its ears were like a wolf’s too and it had a longish tail, which was also covered in shaggy fur, that curved up. The creature was side-on to us, so we couldn’t see its eyes, teeth, or even see if the creature had seen us. It was walking quite slowly and disappeared into some trees. At that point, my partner went after it. He never found it, though. The sighting was approximately thirty feet away from me.

I never saw it again, but to be honest, I didn’t look too hard either, as I was a bit freaked out!!

Penny Taylor
Time: Late Night
Date: 2007