Dogman Encounters

This  has bothered me since I encountered this creature or creatures back in 2005 or 2006. It’s something that I think about almost daily.

My 1st sighting was when I was on my way to clean a house, early one morning, and I was taking back roads because it was a weekend and there would be no work traffic. As I crossed over the railroad tracks I saw what I then called the “deer dog”. It was to my right, and it was enormous….. the only way I could describe it was that it was easily as big as a buck…. like, towering over a buck. I was literally in shock and thought I was hallucinating. I actually stopped on the tracks and sat there for probably a solid minute. I wanted to make sure that what I was seeing was real. It stared right back at me as I stared at it. It had the head of what
seemed like a hyena. I honestly couldn’t wrap my mind around it. I eventually snapped to, and called my husband immediately, who didn’t answer. I then called my father and I was terrified….I told him I needed to call animal control and he actually advised me against it,
and said I wouldn’t be taken seriously. My husband (ex husband now) called me back and I told him and he said he believed me, but he thinks it was a deer because there are no WILD canines of that size in NC. I actually started to convince myself I wrongfully identified this
animal and it possibly was a deer…..or maybe a malnourished bear that somehow got this far inland from the mountains.

Maybe 3 weeks later, my ex-husband and I were on the way back home from my father’s house, where we always had Sunday lunch ,and out of nowhere this MASSIVE BLACK WOLF/MUTANT DOG THING comes running down the hill, crossing the road right in front of us, and it was HUGE. It had yellow eyes,very sharp teeth and almost like a bushy mane
around its neck. It had a shorter muzzle and had the hyena head, but wasn’t as skinny as the other “deer dog” I had seen before, but was much bigger. My ex-husband slammed on the brakes and I yelled “DO YOU BELIEVE ME NOW?!” and he was so excited, yet so scared and so blown away all in one, that he actually looked like he was about to come up out of his seat (he was driving) and he yelled “HOLY ****! WHAT THE **** WAS THAT!?!?!” but with a smile and his eyes were in shock and horror all at once. I was very much feeling the same way as he was, it I was also just so relieved that now someone else had seen this thing (or things). The car that was coming in the opposite lane towards us had stopped too and literally just sat there and they were frozen as we drove by.

My ex husband is from Mexico, so he grew up hearing a lot of folktales and being warned about cryptids, so his friends and family believed us, but no one else really did. They felt we had seen something else.

I tried looking into what it could possibly be, but back then, there was literally NOTHING out there yet about this.

Recently I decided to look back into this and discovered the “Dogman”. This is how I found your channel a few months ago. I figured I’d give it a go and just put it out there. It wasn’t a crazy experience…. they never chased us or hunted us, nor did we walk up on a snarling beast….. it’s not as exciting as the stories I hear on your channel, but my story is 100% true. Not a tad bit has been exaggerated or manipulated. As boring as it is, that’s my true story.


Rebekah Callejas
Time: 3 PM
Date: 2005 or 2006