Dogman FAQ’s

What is a Dogman?

Almost everyone has heard of Sasquatch. Not many people realize, though, a much more terrifying cryptid is stalking the forests of North America and beyond. Of course, I’m talking about Dogmen. What is a Dogman? Well, the appellation “Dogman” describes a group of more than one type of cryptozoological beings that are large and sometimes described as looking like upright canids. One type of “Dogman” (I call a “K9-Type”) is described as looking like an upright canine. Another type of “Dogman,” which is commonly referred to as being a “Type-3” is described as looking like a Sasquatch with a muzzle, instead of having a flat face. Eyewitnesses who have had encounters with Type-3’s also report seeing claws on the tips of their fingers and toes, instead of fingernails and toenails, the way a Sasquatch would have. Eyewitnesses who have had Dogman encounters also often report that the one they saw was ambulating bipedally, which is obviously an unusual trait, also.

How Long Have Dogmen Been Around?

No one knows how long Dogmen have been around. Due to the hieroglyphs of the Egyptian god of the underworld, Anubis, which have been found, it’s possible that encounters with these beings were happening thousands of years ago. People might have been seeing Dogmen back then and due to their inability to figure out the origins of what they were looking at, they figured they were looking at an evil entity, from the underworld.

The first documented Dogman encounter happened in 1887, in Wexford County, Michigan. Two lumberjacks reported seeing a creature they described as having a man’s body, but a dog’s head. Dogman encounters most assuredly were happening well before that, though.

What Do Dogmen Look Like?

                       Dogman Encounters

K9-Type Dogmen

K9-Type Dogmen are characterized by the fact they have K9-style legs, instead of hominid-style legs, like a human or a Sasquatch would have. Instead of ankles, they have hocks. Instead of knees, they have stifle joints. The picture above shows what a K9-Type Dogman CAN look like. Not all K9-Type Dogmen look the same, though. Some K9-Type Dogmen have disproportionately large heads. Others are more hyena-like in appearance. Some are described as looking like the black Werewolf from the movie Van Helsing. Other eyewitnesses say they saw a Dogman that looked like a large timber wolf, that was ambulating bipedally.

About 95% of the Dogman eyewitnesses who contact me describe seeing Dogmen that fit into this category (K9-Type Dogmen). For whatever reason, K9-Type Dogmen seem to be more prone to aggression than Type-3 Dogmen. That’s not to say that Type-3’s are docile by nature because they’re not.

It’s obvious that they’re members of the Canidae family. Other than that, no one knows what their origins are or how to classify them. 

                                Dogman Encounters

Type-3 Dogmen

The picture above shows what a Type-3 Dogman CAN look like.  Just like with K9-Type Dogmen, not all Type-3 Dogmen look the same way. Type-3 Dogmen are characterized by their hominid-style legs. They have knees and ankles, just like humans and Sasquatch.

While this type of cryptid (cryptozoological animal) is referred to as being a “Dogman” by many people, it’s clear that these cryptids aren’t canids. They’re something else. What are they? I don’t know. If they were members of the Canidae family, they’d have hocks, stifle joints and other anatomical features specific to canids. While many people claim they must be some kind of Sasquatch, due to how similar they can be in appearance to them, that also can’t be the case. Type-3’s have certain anatomical features that let us know they can’t be apes, like Sasquatch. Apes (like Sasquatch) have fingernails and toenails. Type-3 Dogmen have claws on their fingertips and toes. Apes DON’T have sharp post-canine teeth. Type-3 Dogmen DO have sharp post-canine teeth. I’ve heard the idea posed that they must be some form of a giant baboon. That also can’t be true, because baboons are monkeys. Monkeys have tails. Type-3’s don’t have tails.

Where Can Dogmen Be Found?

It would be easy to think that you can rule out the possibility of having a Dogman encounter if you don’t live in a rural area. That’s not true, though, because there are plenty of credible reports from eyewitnesses who reported seeing Dogmen within the city limits of major metropolitan areas. Dogmen encounters have been reported inside the city limits of Cincinnati, Dallas, Chicago, Columbus, Ohio and several other large cities. More than one eyewitness has claimed to have encountered a Dogman in Central Park, even!  

A Dogman researcher named Anna M. K. Larsson has created a map that shows where numerous Dogman encounters have occurred. To see it, click here.>>>  Dogman Sightings Map

What Kinds of Sounds do Dogmen Make?

Dogmen have been recorded making a variety of sounds. The most impressive recording I’ve heard of a Dogman vocalizing was recorded in New York State, by a Dogman researcher named David. It was a Dogman howl Dave recorded late one night while researching. Below, you’ll find the recording.


Are Dogmen Dangerous?

Almost every eyewitness who encounters a Dogman says they thought the Dogman was going to kill them and eat them. To date, though, ALMOST every encounter has resulted in the eyewitness walking away, unharmed. Attacks seem to be very few and far between. I DO know of some attacks that have occurred, though. Consequently; extreme caution should still be exercised if you ever do have a Dogman encounter. The one you encounter just might prove to be dangerous!

Do Dogmen Attack People?

While I HAVE spoken with credible eyewitnesses who said they were attacked by Dogmen, they represent an extremely small percentage of the eyewitnesses who have shared their encounters with me. Less than 1% of the eyewitnesses who have shared their encounters with me claimed to have been attacked by the Dogman they encountered. When you consider how low your chances of ever even seeing a Dogman are, it goes without saying that your chances of being attacked by one are almost non-existent.

Do Dogmen Only Come Out at Night?

For some reason, the idea persists amongst some eyewitnesses and other people that Dogmen only come out at night. That’s not true. More Dogman encounters happen during the day than at night. What does that tell you? If you know of an area where a Dogman has been seen, venturing into that area during daytime hours most definitely will not preclude the chance of you having an encounter with one. Please keep that in mind, before venturing into an area where a Dogman or Dogmen have been seen.

Is There Any Good Dogman Evidence?

If you’ve invested an appreciable amount of time researching Dogmen, but haven’t seen any convincing evidence that supports their existence, it would be easy to think no good evidence exists. I can tell you, though, it does. Because of what I do, eyewitnesses share all sorts of great evidence they’ve collected with me. The fact you haven’t seen it doesn’t mean it’s not out there. Most eyewitnesses who possess that kind of evidence don’t want it released to the public. Amazing videos, pictures, and vocals of Dogmen have all been shared with me. Impressive Dogman evidence most definitely DOES exist.

Are Dogmen Only Found in North America?

For some reason, some people believe Dogmen can only be found in North America. That’s not true. Dogmen encounters have been reported in lots of places other than North America. It might be hard to believe, but Dogman encounters have been reported on every continent, except Antartica.