Dogman Encounters

My husband listens to your podcast regularly and until a couple days ago, I thought he was nuts. While my encounter was not as up-close and personal as many of your guests, it was none the less terrifying to me and I feel that it has forever changed me and the way I view the world.

I had just arrived home, a few minutes after dusk, after visiting my parents. Our location is rural, but we do have a few neighbors within shouting distance of us. We have 33 acres of mixed forests and fields, with lots of thick brush, consisting mostly of briars. I had my 2 young children with me, in the Jeep (ages 2 yrs and 11 mo), when I pulled in the driveway that night. My husband was working late, with an emergency case. It was near fully dark when I arrived home. As soon as I stepped from my vehicle, I felt creeped out. It felt different outside. We have lots of peepers and crickets that would normally be making lots of noise. Even the birds are usually chirping until an hour or more past dark. This time, there was not a sound. It was very warm that evening, so the peepers should have been in full chorus. Because of my uneasy feeling, I was rushing to get the kids in the house, at the same time, and did not want to leave RJ in the car alone, for a minute, as I routinely do. He and our older daughter, who was asleep, are normally too heavy for me to carry together, at the same time. That night though, I grabbed them both, 1 in each arm, after finding my keys to the front door and carried them both. Usually, I would use the auto garage door, however, the opener did not work.

When I reached the front door, at the top of the stairs and got situated, on the front porch, I put down Angelina, in order to open the front door. As soon as I turned my attention back to the front door, it happened. Somewhere to my left came a sound that will be forever seared into my memory. It started low and slowly increased to a moderately loud growl. It was deep-toned and very guttural and was angry/hateful in character. It was nothing like anything I had ever heard before, but it did sound canine in origin, especially after spending an hour listening to various animal growls. The growl continued for approximately 10 seconds. I was so terrified, I was fumbling with the keys. It really felt like I was dropped into an 80’s horror film. I really did think I was going to die. I was sure any second, the thing making this sound was going to pounce upon me and the kids and eat us, right on the spot. The growl sounded as though the creature was standing just off to my left. I refused to look out of fear of what I would see. It sounded so close and at or even above eye level with me. My porch extends another 5 feet to the left and then off the porch is the front of the house. There’s 35 yards of grass to the edge of the tree line and there’s a field with 2 foot tall grass opposite that. There’s also a small shed between our porch and the tree line. Standing on the front porch, from my head to the ground is approximately 9 feet. So, I assume it was standing near the corner of the house. I had never been so afraid, until a few moments later, when it actually spoke to me. As the growl continued, it seemed to melt into audible words, spoken in a very deep and gruff tone, that seemed to have a rough sort of reverberation quality to them. What I heard as clear as day was, “You can’t get in.” The only word that I’m unsure of is the first, “You.” As the sound of growl transitioned to English words and it sounded more like Yyyyhhh.

Now, I was histerical and dropping the keys. Finally, I got the right one in and got the door open and got in. I had to kick my daughter through the door, regretfully. Strangely, she seemed oblivious to what had just transpired, as if she didn’t hear it. I slammed the door shut and never looked.

I didn’t hear anything else that night. I called my husband and his friend, to let them know what happened. So, I never did actually see what terrorized me, because I couldn’t look. I’ve had 2 days to to think about this encounter and talk with my husband, who has listened to every episode of Dogman Encounters Radio. I’m fairly certain that this was what was growling at me. The sound was not human and seemed like it was amped or miked up, because it seemed so powerful. Not that it was a loud growl, but it seemed unnatural. Also, the height it seemed to emanate from and the silence that preceded it lead me to that conclusion. My husband agrees, because the entire week, he too has been on edge.

We have lived here for a year and all seemed normal, until this week. Our cat, which is an indoor cat, got out accidentally and has vanished, without a trace. She has gotten out before and just stood around, until we got her back in the house. Also, my husband said Tuesday night, he experienced the silence outside and it really unnerved him too. He says he has never experienced anything so eerie. On Wednesday, he took our dog up into the woods, to look for our cat and felt very uneasy. He said the dog kept tucking its tail and turning around, wanting to go home. It’s not like our dog or my husband to feel uneasy in the woods, because both of them love the outdoors and are very comfortable in nature. On Thursday, at dusk, he took the dog around the back lot and says something took off from the thickets, at a sprint and came crashing through the woods, down the hill, towards him. He always carries a sidearm when he is out and is normally not afraid of anything, but he actually turned and ran back up towards the house. Whatever was charging stopped seconds after he stopped to listen and did not make another sound. He was very concerned when he came in, stating that he knows what big game sounds like and that this was, “Just not right”. Even he was surprised that he ran from the sound. The following day was when my encounter happened.

After talking about all of these events with my husband, we are concerned that there is a Dogman in the area. My husband listened to Episodes 90 and 91 and is so worried that this thing has decided to stalk 1 or both of our kids. My husband said that based on those episodes, it sounds like the Dogman plans ahead when snatching kids and he thinks it may have been scouting the area, with plans to do just that. He said it was doing that or that it was waiting for me to leave 1 of the kids in the jeep, for a minute. Either way, none of this is good.

The main reason why I wanted to submit this was because it seems very unique in that it spoke to me. It wasn’t the words, but the feeling it gave me that disturbed me most. It was as if it was trying to give me the impression that I was nothing and that I was weak and just food. I got the impression that it was saying “Can’t get in,” like “Ha ha! You’re mine!” It’s hard to explain, because it seemed like It was conveying its frame of mind and that it was, for lack of a better description, making fun of me, in a very cruel way.

I really want to know if you have ever heard of 1 of these monsters actually speaking. My husband and I really want to believe that our conclusions are wrong, but instinct and your show have us highly convinced that it in fact was a Dogman.

We thank you deeply, for keeping the show going, being informed, and not leading us to believe that the monster is probably literally hiding out and waiting for us. That just might save 1 or all of our lives. Thank you for all that you do. Please let us know what you think about all of this.

Time: 8 PM
Date: 4/22/2016