Dogman Encounters


This is a difficult thing for me to write down, on paper. I had no idea what a cryptid was until my son told me about his encounter, just before it aired on your show. All these years, I have thought that what I had seen was just a very deformed bear. Just so you know, I was driving that night and I never drink and drive… I was 100 percent sober! I haven’t even talked about my encounter since it happened…. Until I told my son. Since then, I have told my best friend. She encouraged me to contact you, after we listened to my son’s episode together.

Most evenings, just about an hour before dark, some of us enjoyed going for “deer rides.” We had a route we would always use. It started out on Rustic Road, which was southwest of our Cabin, on Long Lake, just south of Danbury, WI. The route took us to a place that went through a wildlife preserve, and then we ended up on the road that goes from Hinckley, MN to Danbury, WI. The road through the preserve always made me uncomfortable, because it was a swampy bog on both sides of the road. It was a narrow gravel road and in order to turn around, you would need to go down a very narrow drive, to a parking area for hunters. I had only been in one of those parking areas once and it creeped me out! We never saw deer on that road, so we typically went fast in that area. We would have avoided that gravel road altogether, but we always saw deer just before the preserve and just after. On this evening, it was just my sister-in-law and I that went on the deer ride. This happened 15 or 16 years ago, so we did not have cell phones. Sometimes, we would take cameras to take pictures of deer. This night, we didn’t have a camera with us.

It was a hot night, and we had our windows down because the air conditioner wasn’t working. I was driving a large car. A 1998 Cadillac. We had just started down that creepy road, when we noticed something black on the road, about a 1/2 a mile ahead of us. We were driving pretty fast. As we got closer, it appeared to be dark gray in color. It also appeared to have an elongated muzzle. It had its back to us, but it was a little sideways, so we could tell it was eating something in the road. I stopped the car and just kept my foot on the brake. This animal had very wide, muscular shoulders and its fur was longer than a bear’s. Its ears were pointy, like a German Shepherd’s and stood straight up, on top of its head. This animal had hands. It was holding a dead rabbit, I think. I was talking to Amy. I said, “What is that?” I think I was verbalizing every thought that came into my head. I was totally freaked out! The animal noticed us. It started to turn its head. That’s when I turned on my headlights. It wasn’t dark yet, but I wanted to see this thing better. It turned and faced my car. The head lights caught its eyes…I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! Its eyes glowed reddish orange in the headlights. I freaked! To me, this creature was demonic in nature! Then it stood up straight, on its back legs. As this thing moved, it was jerky, like it wasn’t comfortable in its own skin. It was not a natural movement. The animal sprinted at my car. It took at least 6 steps. I gunned my car right at it. I was in a panic! I was terrified! It turned right, still upright, then dropped to all fours. Its legs had an odd bend in them, like backward knees. I just screamed, “What is that!!!” It ran into the swamp and I got the hell out of there!

We stopped on the road to our cabin. By then it was dark. When we stopped, Amy and I both cried. We couldn’t stop shaking! We talked about what we had just seen. We both agreed, we would tell people we had seen a bear. To be honest, at that time, I honestly thought it WAS a deformed bear. Today, I know it was not. I am no longer in denial. What I saw, I cannot understand or explain…. It was just plain evil in nature. So wrong….very wrong!