Dogman Encounters

My step dad lived in Virginia when he was around the age of 8. Right on the edge of “The Great Dismal Swamp.” According to him, he was in bed one night when the sky was cloudless, or just very bright (he never thought until recently whether the moon was shining, or not) and saw a beast looking right through his window at him. He said, he could see spittle running down its face and its eyes were looking straight at him. It was supposedly standing on its hind legs and had cream, red, and brown-colored, matted fur and a face almost like a wolf. Other than its snout, its facial features were very human. Its jaw bones were high, the structure around its eyes and its eyes themselves were human-esq. The coloring of its eyes, he believes, were yellow.

The reason why I think this is interesting and possibly valid is because, the Great Dismal Swamp covers a huge amount of territory and is hardly touched by humans. Only in recent years have people started to study its inhabitants. The grounds are wet, mossy, and absorb sound. And people have been known to wander into it and never return. Who knows what could be lurking in the unknown… Chills my bones!

Oh, yeah! I forgot to mention that he crawled out of his bed and went straight to his mother’s room. In the morning, when they looked around the house, all the windows had ground that was stirred up under them and grass that was yanked out. There were actual scratches in the wood under his window, and paint was missing too. However; as far as they could see, there were no discernable footprints.