Dogman Encounters

I’m probably the youngest person to come to you about this. I’m 16, grew up here in Montana, and am very active in the outdoors. When I was 4 or 5, I lived with my parents, in a small town, next to the highway. Our house was right next to it and my room faced a gravel road, that went into the highway.

It was summer and we didn’t have AC, so I would leave my window open at night, so I could stay cool. One night, I woke up and noticed a silhouette, standing outside my window. My eyes focused and I saw that it had a furry outline and these frost blue eyes it was using to look at me. I sat up in my bed, frightened, but I didn’t feel the need to yell for my parents or anything. It just kind of stared at me. While looking at it, I saw that it had pointed ears, with tufts of fur, like lynx have, and a muzzle like a German Shepard. It was fairly muscular and was almost resting on my window sill like it was leaning up against it.

We stared at each other for a good couple of minutes. Then, it smiled at me, like a dog does and even tilted its head. It then backed away from my window, walked across my yard, to our chain link fence, and literally stepped over it. I got out of bed, to watch this thing as it got down on all 4’s, and ran down the road, and across the highway. Listening, I heard it yip and bark while on the other side, which was prairie, with a butte and then forest. It was almost like it was calling to others.

Looking back on this, I feel like maybe it felt like I didn’t pose a threat. Maybe it was just curious. Back then, I was just a little kid. Now I’m a lot bigger. I’m 6’7 and weigh almost 200, so I’m thinking if I saw one of these again, I probably wouldn’t get the same reaction.

Date: Mid August of 2004