Dogman Encounters

was on my way to work at Planet Fitness, my shift was 0600 to 1400 and I walk to work from a trailer court on the outskirts of town and it’s a long walk. I usually leave at 0430 hours to give myself plenty of time to get to the convenience store next door and get a cup of coffee and my snacks and drinks. When I leave the trailer I was staying at, I walk the road to the front entrance and turn right onto Upper River Road. It is a very quiet area and I usually only encounter the same two or three vehicles driving into town, obviously people who were working early like me. Well, there are no sidewalks so I had to walk on the road and get off the road when a vehicle is coming up behind me. I have been walking this route since March and I have been doing it with the rising sun. However it’s September now and I’m now walking in the darkness of the coming winter and I was experiencing a lot of problems with having no light of my own. I was needing one for my own safety and also to light my way in the darkness on this road. There are only like three streetlights and that’s not enough to light up the road. So, I was walking around this hillside and the road curves to the west and then curves to the north if you’re
traveling north on Upper River Road. Now where it curves north, there is a gravel road that connects to Upper River Road and the railroad tracks then meet up and run parallel to Upper River Road, and on the other side of those tracks is Lower River Road and they run parallel for about a half mile. Then they split again as you get toward the park and the housing area that runs adjacent to the park. I am
just getting to where the tracks are going to run parallel to the road. I’m walking down the road and I start to hear a few things that sound like an animal moving through the brush, then I hear rocks that are moving as if something that is standing on them suddenly moved. I spin my flashlight that my son had let me use, it was a bright light and a very nice one. As my light shines on the deer (that’s what I am assuming it is) that is diving over to the other side of the tracks, I am sure that I didn’t see any black where its hooves should be and I didn’t see any white where the tail should be. No, this was all wrong for I saw what looked like a cat’s hind paws and a tail that was kind of bushy but it didn’t look like a mountain lion’s tail. I now  feel great deal of adrenaline pumping and I am now suddenly feeling like a sudden sensation of fear, I am now in a situation where I am in the position of being in the path of a mountain lion. I then hear what sounds like bare feet slapping on the asphalt, similar to what it sounds like when you hear people that are barefoot at the pool, the slapping of feet and the thud of weight as they walk or run. However, I am not only hearing this thing running, I am feeling the weight of the footsteps, but I don’t know what I’m hearing. I do know that I am hearing that it is running away on two legs and it’s all very, very fast as it is suddenly about 150 yards away from me now. I am just looking at the road in front of me and I have about 200 yards to go to get to the next streetlight which is the corner of the park and the housing areas that border the park. I am also going through a construction work area and there are those highway traffic posts, the ones with a octagon base and a round orange
reflective pole centered in the middle. I think they’re called delineators and they were about 48″ tall. I know that this thing is now up there because I can hear it snapping and breaking tree limbs as it’s going through the line of trees and the brush that is in the small drainage ditch between the tracks and Upper River Road down by
the start of the park and the first house on the corner. There is a streetlight on the house side of the street, which is what I have to get to in order to see what I’m actually looking at. After I hear the snapping sounds of it coming back over the tracks and crossing over the drainage ditch, I now see what looks like a huge dog walking on all fours and it is not a deer like I thought. Then I hear what sounds
like a loud popping noise and then another one that is a very loud sound, and it is now standing up on two legs, and I am just going through this process of being in a situation where I am looking at something that doesn’t really work out in my mind, it looks like a werewolf and those are only in scary movies and the scary stories, but I am looking at it stand by the side of the road underneath that street lamp. I am not sure how long it is I have been looking at this thing, but now I have this sense of dread and fear that I have never felt before. I can now see eye shine and I see that it’s sniffing the air, and then it suddenly turns its head quickly into my direction and it is now looking at me. I don’t know how long it was looking at me and I was looking at it. It’s the first time I notice the size of this thing because it is now stepping into
the road and there are those four foot delineator posts on the sides of the road. I notice that the posts were about up to its upper thigh, they’re just up to my chest when I walk by them and I see that this thing is at least 8 and a half feet to 10 feet tall and it is very muscular and I can see the muscle definition and contraction as it
moves through the construction area and then goes behind the house on the corner. I can see the backyard motion lights come on as it walks into the backyard of a house and it is walking up the hill where I can hear it moving through the brush and overhang of the trees in the backyard. I have to get work, I tell myself and I am eventually able to break the spell of my mind being blown. I can’t hear it any more and I ran past the yard and go to work.


Kevin Tapaha

Time: 4:55 AM

Date: 9/12/19