Dogman Encounters

I had been up all night, at a friends house, in the town of Tribby, playing video games. I didn’t want to sleep there, so I said goodbye and headed home. I knew my car was making a funny noise but I thought surely I could get home. Well, I was driving down a long, dark stretch of highway, with nothing but forest and a few sparse country houses. I was coming up to the top of a long hill, when suddenly, my car stops pulling forward. The engine revved but no gears would engage. My CV joint just went out. I was hoping that wouldn’t happen. Well, I had no way of getting it home, so I backed up, down the road, in neutral and off, onto a side road. I thought about staying and sleeping in the car but something told me not to do that. I had an eerie feeling of being watched, so I grabbed my video game case and my machete that I had made from a lawnmower blade and started walking. I kept noticing the feeling of being watched and it felt like I was being followed. I kept looking behind me and saw nothing, but when a car passed by, heading in the direction behind me, it illuminated the area with its headlights and I saw something behind me, in the ditch, hunched down low. It was huge and I could tell it looked animal but had humanoid features. It seemed to have arms but its head was most definitely K9. Its head was very large and its eyes glowed red when the lights hit them. Well, I’ve seen enough werewolf movies to know that this wasn’t a good situation, so I started running. That probably wasn’t the best choice, because I know that predators like to chase things that run from them. When the car had passed, the creature had darted into the trees. I thought that was the best time to run, so I did. I ran for about a quarter mile and looked back but didn’t see anything, so, I kept walking. Well, I kept checking behind me and off to the side, where the treeline was. I knew it was still out there and probably following me and yeah, I was afraid, but I was also prepared to defend myself, with my machete, if need be.

I came up, onto another hill and saw a farmhouse, off in the distance, to my left, down a long, dirt driveway. The moon was almost full and the area around the house was clear, so I could see a guy out there, messing with his truck as I walked by. Then, he turned on a spotlight on his truck and spotted me with it. I kept walking, cause his property said no trespassing and many out there wouldn’t hesitate to unload on a strange trespasser.

I knew it was close again, possibly closer now and I was about to turn around and face it when another car came over the top of the hill and passed by me, going behind me again. I followed with my eyes and noticed this time it was a cop so thinking quickly I dropped my machete on the edge of the grass and waved. As he passed his lights hit the ditch as well and I saw that the Dogman was very close but it darted into the trees again, when the light hit it. Thankfully, a moment later the cop stopped and turned around. He came back and asked me what I was doing out there, so, I told him what happened with my car. I didn’t mention the Dogman, though. He may have thought I was crazy but I asked him for a ride home. He agreed after wanting to go check and make sure my car wasn’t blocking the road. After we checked it, he agreed to take me home.

I don’t know what might have happened that night if he hadn’t shown up and it was the only time I was genuinely happy to see a police officer.

​Time: Midnight
​Date: June of 2000