Dogman Encounters

My Mother, Grandmother, my two younger brothers, and I were driving back and forth between Dickson and Waverly Tennessee. It was summer vacation and my Grandmother would visit family in those areas.

I am the oldest child, and usually was the only one awake in the back seat as we drove around. I noticed what I thought was a brown bear on a ridge 250 to 300 yards from the road. Now there are black bears in more eastern parts of Tennessee, so I thought this was a find to see a large brown bear that far in middle Tennessee. I spent a large amount of my youth in nature, and am sort of an amateur biologist as an adult. I love animals and the outdoors. I say this to let it be known, I know a wolf from a fox and a badger from a beaver. This “bear” was sitting down on the ridge and watching the traffic go by. I noticed it was very large and unusually muscular. It’s back legs seem way too long. It was sitting more on haunches than the usual bear way. Bears typically splay their feet out in front and sit on their bottoms. Its head seemed large and oddly shaped for a brown bear too. As we drove, by I remarked to the adults I was seeing a bear, and of course, nobody looked. I also noted that as we drove by, it seemed to be looking at our car. Its head was shaped a lot more like the huskies we were raising, than any grizzly to me. It turned its head and the profile was spot on for a large husky to my twelve-year-old mind. We were driving no more than 45mph, so I got a pretty good look at this thing. In fact, we traveled back and forth on that stretch of road over three or four days, and about the same time every day. I know I saw at least three times total in the same area, and it was doing the same thing each time. It must have liked to watch traffic. I attempted to point it out every time, and I recall my Mother and youngest brother saw it briefly once a piece. Of course, we all thought it an odd sight and had no clue it was anything other than a bear. The memory of its odd shape, strange location(for a brown bear), and its odd movement stuck with me for many years. See it didn’t move like a bear when I saw it move. It moved like a dog when it turned its head or body. It crawled on all fours more like a primate, mixed with a great cat, than a bear too. My young mind just chalked it up to a strange, but a normal animal. But I have never been able to fully rationalize it as a bear.

Fast forward to about 2015, and I am now well aware of what I saw. Thanks
to a show called Dogman Encounters, I can put this odd sighting to

Thanks for reading this. It is more of a sighting than an encounter,
but I decided to pass it along. I will say I’m not traumatized like so
many people seem to be when they see these things. I have been
struggling to properly label this entity, as I’ve always felt it
wasn’t a bear. I am glad that Mr. Cundiff has a place for us all to
share our stories and help each other cope with what we’ve


Time:  11 AM

Date:  1985