Dogman Encounters

I was camping near a lake at a packed campground. The moon was not
quite full, but full enough that it dimly lit up the night. I decided
to take a walk to the other end of the lake where I sat at the edge of
the lake and gazed at the moon’s reflection on the water and up at the
stars for about 5 minutes. My attention was then pulled towards a
large log that was in the water approx. 8 ft from me to my right
because I saw ripples in the water. In the moonlight, I made out the
head of a dog (coal black) and a human’s torso which was a lighter
shade (I couldn’t make out the legs) and it was laying on the log. It
must have been observing me the entire time I sat at the water’s edge
completely oblivious of its presence because it made no sound. Once
I noticed it and began intently studying this bizarre figure with my
eyes, trying to figure out what my eyes were seeing, “it” slightly
moved and appeared to become nervous as it looked towards the bank,
then back to me (to it’s right) and did this several times in sort of
a panicked, fast and jerking type of motion with its head. I quickly
realized there was someone, or something else, on the bank to my right
(but was hidden because of a large bush) and it was communicating with
it (body language) and the thought of this totally freaked me out,
freaked me out worse than seeing a dog’s head and the torso of a human
atop a log. Inside I felt instant panic, instant fear, but I took a
deep breath and slowly stood up and walked backward until my feet
hit the trail then I turned and ran back to my campsite, fueled by
total adrenaline, about 1/4 mile away (I was too scared to look over
my shoulder). I’ve told nobody about what I saw and I’ve thought I had
witnessed a demon and have felt like I somehow narrowly escaped with
my life for some reason, even though it was non-aggressive towards me
I just can’t shake that feeling…I just had no explanation for it
and have felt like I had put myself in mortal danger because I had
been so unaware of my surroundings. I learned a lesson from the
experience and when the memory would enter my mind I tell myself how
dumb I was and I shiver and try to block the memory out (it was just
too disturbing of an experience), but the memory kept returning as I
questioned in my mind what it exactly was that I had seen that night
(was it a demon?). now I can lay my question to rest because I
stumbled upon your youtube channel and have listened for 2 days
straight to other’s encounters. I now know there is such a creature
that exists in the world and am now 100% convinced I saw a Dogman on
that night. The experience scared me so much that I felt the need to
run for my life from it, but I was also unharmed by it so perhaps they
did not perceive me as a threat, or that easy of a meal with all the
campers around, or they are not ALL that bad but do emit fear that
humans pick up on once they are seen? In closing, I will add that I
did feel compelled for some reason, like a pull, to take a walk at
that time and sit at that spot….don’t know why and it’s also
something I wonder about. Well, thanks for reading, it feels good to
tell someone.

​Time: 1:30 AM
​Date: Summer of 2014