Dogman Encounters

I wanted to share a story of an encounter me and a bunch of friends had back in 1968. To this day I still think about it, kind of hard to forget no matter how hard I’ve tried. Anything I say today must be understood as the
words of someone only 11 years old. But I’ll try to make myself as
clear as I can. On a summer evening in 1968, an older cousin, a group of friends and I decided to play baseball at a nearby baseball field.
The field was about 4 to 5 blocks away from where I lived at 3621
Richmond Ave. and the field was South East from my house. Anyway, we
all got together and were playing. There wasn’t enough of us, to
play team to team match up, so we were rotating one pitcher, one
fielder, and the catcher, while the rest batted. There are some train
tracks that ran parallel to the baseball field, I mention this
because of what happened next. My time came up to pitch and my older
cousin was fielding. One buddy hit a foul ball and it went over the
fence towards the railroad tracks. By then it was getting a little
past dusk, though, the field lights weren’t too bad. There was a man
standing close to where the ball rolled to a stop. My cousin ran
towards the fence and yelled at the man to throw the ball back to us.
He ignored my cousin so I ran over and yelled as well. The rest of the
guys came over and we started to cuss the guy out for ignoring us.
None of us wanted to get near the guy though. Something about him
didn’t feel right. One of the guys picked a rock and threw it at
what we thought was a bum. The rock came close but didn’t hit the
guy. Then a group of guys started to throw rocks, that’s when the
crap hit the fan. This guy??? turned towards us slowly and dropped to
all fours. What we all saw next, by the dim field lights, was not a
man but a snarling wolf-like creature. My cousin was the first to
react by yelling “Werewolf!” and he turned and ran followed by
the rest of us. We ran as a group. Some were lucky and made it home
first … peeling off from the rest of us one by one. My cousin and a
friend ran to my house and spent the night. We told my parents what we
had seen and of course, they blew us off. My mom told us “what you
probably saw was the devil himself for staying out past dusk”. Being
Hispanic we always had holy water around the house. We blessed the
house and especially my bedroom. None of us slept that night and any
noise would make us jump. The next morning, we, (all the guys),
screwed up enough courage to go back to investigate. We found our ball
where it had landed but no visible tracks of anything else. Everyone
but me agreed that we had seen a Werewolf. I kept asking how could it
have been a Werewolf if there was no full moon last night? Have Dog
men sightings been reported near El Paso? And no, I don’t want to be
on your show or be identified. The very few people I’ve told over
the years have either laughed at me or thought I was crazy. I’m an
old man now but I needed to get this off my chest.

​Time: 7:30 PM
​Date: 6/27/68