Dogman Encounters

My wife and I had fallen on hard times and were living with her mom and
her husband, on Colwell Rd. I grew up just about 2 miles from there.

I always loved going into the woods and still do today. The Cohutta
National Forest was my playground growing up. It was not unheard of
for me to disappear for a few days in the woods.

On the day in question, my wife, her mother, and I went shopping and were
coming home on Hwy 2. We were in my dad’s F150, with a Brush Guard on
the front. It was very dark and foggy that night, with Jacks River on our left, about 10 yards off the road. We were about 250 yards from Colwell and there was a very sharp curve to the right. When I took that curve, there was something in the road. It was on all fours. I had no choice but to hit it. When we connected, the truck went completely over it. We felt the go thunk over the animal. I stopped to make sheer the animal was den (I did not want it to suffer) and to check the truck. The truck was ok but when I looked at the cherisher it was strange. So, I got back in the truck a turned it around so I would have the headlights to see from. This was the dramedies thing I ever seined it was black but not a regular black it was like it absorbed the light, like no light going past it, and I still couldn’t make out the animal. What I was about to make out by fill it was the size of a young bare maybe 200 250lbs. It was clearly dead the head was twisted back I believe that the tier went over its neck and broke the neck, and the eyes were blue but glassily the way eyes turn when something is dead. It had long curved claws, the teeth were all curved back and nodal sharp. I did not want to freak out the girls, so we went home (about 1.5 2miles from there).

The next morning, I grabbed my 3030 and my 357, to go and take a look. It was gone. I mean nothing there no blood no fur, but there was the impression in the grass where it was last night. And it looked like
something big came along a car eyed it off into the woods. I could see
where something walked into the woods. So I went back to the truck and
got my trekking bag. It just had a tarp, wool blanket, 2 quarts. of water and a little bit of food, just enough stuff to make a night or two in the woods, just a camping trip and not a survival situation; and I headed into the woods to track whatever this thing was.

I never saw a clear track, just sign. A broken stick here, levees turned over, rocks that were disturbed from there bed, and that kind of stuff. I tracked it about 2miles to a field about ½ a football field in size, right to the middle of that filed and all sine despaired. I went all over that filed and around its perimeter and there was no sign of it coming out of the field, just going in. That stumped me, so I gave up and started back to the truck. But when I got
to the edge of the filed I got a very bad filling in my gut, I can’t explain it any other way. It was so bad that it almost doubled me over. After a short while of collecting myself, I tried to head back to the truck again but it was the same thing. I know about where I was in comparison to the roads in the area. So, I headed in the opacity direction toward a friend’s house about 5 miles away. I finally got out of the woods just before dark. I told my friend about what happened and he told me to never go to that field agent, that it was supposed to be cursed ground a place of wishes and dark magic, and that people have gone missing after going to that field.

I don’t know what I saw that night and I don’t know if the legend of the field is true, but I do believe that there is something strange in the woods. The woods are a part of me and I can never stay out of the woods and I am not afraid of anything in the woods, I would just want to be careful around one of these things like I would around a bear.

Time: 11:30 PM
Date: Summer of 2008 or 2009