Dogman Encounters

This took place 3 weeks ago, while driving home from an event, with my fiancé. It was already dark out and was raining, when we hit the road this night. I, myself, was driving and my fiancé was in the passenger seat. We had been driving about 15 minutes, at most, when we got to a part of the road where I had noticed a rather large figure, in the opposite lane of the 2-way road, we were on. It seemed to be on all 4‘s and was grayish in color. It was very quick, which was startling, given the conditions. I asked my fiancé if she had seen it. She said “Yes,” but seemed spooked about it. I wanted to stop, but couldn’t, because there was another car, about 100 feet behind us. I also didn’t look back, because I wanted to stay focused, on the road, because of the poor conditions and the fact that we were in an area we had never been in, until that night.

I truly don’t think it was a cow, from what I saw, even with the fleeting glimpse I had of it. Its hair was more K9 like than anything. I would have to conclude that it was a Dogman or a Bigfoot. I definitely wish I would have been able to get a longer look at it, during the dIytime. It was within feet of my door, but because it happened so quickly and the fact I kept my focus on the road, instead of turning to look at it, I didn’t see it clearly.

That’s pretty much my encounter, to a tee Vic.

Mike P.
Time: 9:45 PM
Date: September of 2015