Dogman Encounters

If you know anything about Kansas, you’ll know it’s dry, flat and void of much forestry. As a kid, I lived on a farm in the middle of nowhere. I remember that we had our own play set outside, complete with swings and monkey bars. Nearby was a large patch of overgrown weeds, almost as tall as six feet in some places. I hated playing at the play set, because sometimes, around sunset, I’d see red eyes from within the weed patch. I told my grandparents, but they dismissed it as coyotes. However; one day, I wanted answers and I approached the weeds. Upon closer inspection, I saw a creature that looked similar to a dog, with shaggy white fur. I remember that I thought its front ‘paws’ looked like that of a gorilla’s. The creature moved away from me and I never saw it in that weed patch again.

A year later, I saw the same figure lurking in the dark, outside of the house. I was so paranoid, my mother could not get me to leave the house for a long time, except for going to school. I haven’t seen this humanoid since, nor am I completely sure it is the fabled ‘Dogman’.

Time: Sunset
Date: Early 2000’s