Dogman Encounters

I’m reporting a possible Dogman sighting, based on the info provided by my son and his friend. This occurred in Montgomery, Ma.

As a four-wheel enthusiast, my oldest son has become familiar with off-roading trails and rural routes that he and his friends use regularly; often at night. On this occasion, they were in his Ford Explorer, following a familiar route, in a rural town, through a remote, wooded area. Being winter, the plows stopped at a certain point, leaving a bank of snow at that point, marking where the town abandoned maintenance of that unpaved road for the winter, leaving further use of this road to those who dare.

As my son related, he four-wheeled through the snow bank and drove along the road, which winded over a mountain. He concentrated on his driving, focusing on the road, as his close friend sat in the front passenger seat. Suddenly, his friend exclaimed, “Look! Look! What’s that? What IS that?” My son didn’t lift up his eyes, to see it, because he wanted to stay on the road. His buddy pointed to where it went. So, my son quickly swung his truck around and illuminated the area with his off-road lights and headlights. His friend described what he saw as running like a wolf, but not a wolf. He said it was big like a bear, but not a bear. He also said it had long hair and was lighter in color than a brown bear. He said it was gray in color.

They sat there, for a minute or so, staring into the darkness. Suddenly, something (another one?) pushed the SUV from behind, making it slide along the muddy snowy road, a short distance. They both whipped their heads around, only to see the blackness of night, out the rear window. Then, he quickly started the truck and sped out of there, not seeing the creature(s) again.

My son stated that it could not have been the same creature his buddy spotted because once he had illuminated the area, with the truck’s lights, they would have spotted movement against the white, snow background.

Another of my son’s friends insisted this was a Bigfoot, as he had an encounter years ago, but this description seems to better fit a Dogman.

This experience, whatever it was, is absolutely true.

Time: Night
Date: 2013