Dogman Encounters

I had been living in my first apartment a year or two when there was a blackout at about 9pm. My apartment was small and it was hot, so my roommate and I decided to go outside for a walk. She had lived in the area with her family for some years so she was familiar with the area. She told me there was a project area we could walk through and circle back around to get back to the apartment building. We walked about 2 blocks and reached the bottom of the hill that led to the projects. The project area still had street lamps that shined on the sidewalk allowing you to see. As we started walking up the sidewalk, I could see something up ahead about 20ft that looked odd. I could see a pair of white legs about 3 ft tall moving stiff and very fast, for a second I thought it was a kid. Then I realized that it couldn’t be a kid by himself at this time of night. It was about 9:30 by now. So as I began to try to figure out what I was looking at, I noticed that the blackness of the body on top of the legs is what I couldn’t see, like camouflage, but I could see the top of the ears and it had to be standing about 10ft tall. I could tell the arms looked bent and it was walking quick like it had somewhere to go. I don’t know why we didn’t turn around, but I guess we felt more comfortable being behind it than it being behind us. There was a guy coming down the opposite left hand sidewalk of the projects and we were walking on the right side. I thought that this guy must see this thing. I’m not sure he did because his body language didn’t change. This thing crossed the street towards him and
disappeared between the parked cars. I was trying to figure out how such a massive animal can just disappear. As we walked by the parked vehicles about 2-5 ft from us, I could see something out of my peripheral vision  and I just had to look. When I looked, I saw these black eyes staring at me as big and black as horse eyes and I could see the pointy ears were so tall, like a German Shepherd but taller. I could see the nose was long like a Doberman but longer and it was dark black, like outer space
black. The best way to describe it to this day is the Anubis character. It was hiding its arms by folding them under itself but the elbows were still sticking out and I could see the pointy black hairs coming off its elbows. It had its legs tucked under the parked cars and I didn’t feel comfortable taking my eyes off of its eyes to look because it seemed intelligent, like its moves were calculated and quick. It just watched us walk by calmly, kinda like a cat does. We turned the corner and got the heck out of there. This was on Stonina Drive in Chicopee Massachusetts the area is called Chicopee Center and there are woods behind the project area that led to the highway. There is also a little Indian pond located behind the projects.

Sabrina Dearing
Time: 9:30 PM
Date: 8/2009