Dogman Encounters

I was going through the hiking trails with my dog, behind my town’s
local high school, fairly late one night. I had gone there plenty of
times before since I was young, so I wasn’t frightened. While I was walking my dog, he kept trying to stop and was whimpering, which was strange, because he is normally a very brave dog. After walking for about 10 minutes longer, I heard huge branches crashing and breaking. That’s when I started to become frightened and decided to turn back. While walking back, I could tell that something was following me. I was terrified! Suddenly, after a minute of calmness, this creature leaped in front of me, across the trail. The creature had long, dark fur and was enormous! It wasn’t a bear. It was like a very muscular, huge wolf. After seeing this, I picked up my dog and sprinted off the trail, without seeing it again. That was easily one of the most terrifying nights of my life!

Logan Morrow
Time: 11:30 PM
Date: 6/1/17