Dogman Encounters

My son and I watched what we thought was a black panther for five minutes. Every bit of seven feet long. Suddenly it sat down, and began to watch us. This all happened in a large hay field. 

Next encounter: I never carry a gun in the woods, but this day I did.  I was snake hunting one summer afternoon, when something growled at me.  I’m a naturalist, and knew right away nothing in these woods has a growl like that.  I raised my gun, because I was startled, and took two steps back. The creature growled again, and this time I lost all of my strength. My whole body turned to jelly, and I accepted my fate. I didn’t have enough strength to hold on to my gun. I backed my way out, and was very grateful it spared my life. Thinking it was a sasquatch, I returned numerous times with gifts and apologies. 
This winter in 2020, I made my way back up there again. I walked upon a  creature that I saw kneel down, and tuck its head and limbs close to its body.  It stood so still. I lifted my phone to take pictures, and I could see the fear and discomfort in this animal when I pointed my phone at it, almost like it would cringe and cower. I got numerous photos of what I thought was
a small sasquatch, until I blew up the photos and realized this creature had pointed ears! My best description of this animal would be a large, bipedal wolverine. I no longer point objects at them. This creature let me live twice! Even after pulling a gun on it. I do not believe these creatures are here to harm us. At least not this one. It had me dead to rights, twice. Thank you for reading this, and for the work you’re doing.


Time: 1 PM
Date: 2018 & 2020