Dogman Encounters

I used to work about 30 miles away from where I live. One night, I had been stuck in heavy traffic, coming home. I take Lasix, so after awhile, I really had to go to the bathroom. I kept telling myself that I was almost home and tried to hold it until I got there. By the time I got to my exit, I knew I wasn’t going to make it to my house, so I pulled up to an area where Fidelity Investments is located and found an area that was isolated. This area is heavily wooded, with walking trails and a lot of game, but it is also in a very populated area. I pulled up a little side-drive, off one of the main roads. That little drive is about 100 feet long, with only room for 1 car. It went up in elevation and had bushes on the right side, facing the main road. On the left side, there was a guardrail and a view of the valley below. The area up there is huge and isolated, with several buildings that are all spaced out. The place is dark at night because there are intermittent street lights up there. At night it’s pretty deserted too. A few cars go through that area, though, because it’s a shortcut people use to go from Taylor Mill over to 3L highway, where there are stores, restaurants, etc. When you’re up there, you’re above everything around this area.

When I stopped, I got out of my car, waited a moment and looked around, to make sure there were no other cars. It was winter, so the bushes between where I was and the road below me didn’t have many leaves on them. Because of that, you could see right through them. I was up on this little rise, about 20 or 30 feet above the drive, which was 4 lanes wide. To the left of me was a street light and more woods that went down another hill, to the main road. I went to the back of my car and did what I had to do. When I finished, I stood up and all at once, every hair on my body stood up. I knew I wasn’t alone. I scanned the area in front of me and must have heard something behind me because I turned around and there were 3 deer standing there, all huddled up together, between my car and the guardrail. They weren’t looking at me. They were looking across the road. I looked back over there and that was when I saw a figure standing between the bushes in front of it and the tree line behind it. It was huge! I stand 5’5. Some of those bushes were about 6-feet tall, but they only came up to about the collarbone area on this thing. Due to the street light, to the right of it, about 20 ft. away, I was able to get a pretty clean outline of this thing. It had a large dog-shaped head and pointed ears. I couldn’t make out its neck, but I could make out massive shoulders. That’s when it growled. It was a deep vibration I could feel in my chest. My body just took over at that point.

I have to explain this part of it to you. I worked security for years, in California, in the music business. As a woman, I have to really work out and train to defend myself. I kicked boxed for 8 years and worked out every day. I also train dogs. Mainly Anatolian Shepherds and German Shepherds. Sometimes, I have to establish who is the alpha and to do that, I get them down, hold them in place, grab them by their ear and growl until they submit. Then the training can start. So, when this thing growled at me, it was just pure instinct. I dropped down to a crouching position and growled, right back at it. When I did that, it stopped growling and started sniffing the air. Its snout went up and it turned its head slightly as it was sniffing. It then took a few steps forward. I was still crouched down, on all 4’s and moved forward, still growling at the thing. When I did that, it stopped. I stood up and kept staring right at it. I never broke eye contact with it. Then, it slowly stepped back into the tree line, until I couldn’t make it out as clearly as before and started to move to the right of me. The deer were still behind me. They were so close I could have reached out and touched them. I waved my arms and told them to get out of there. When I did that, they went back over the guardrail and took off down the hill. That’s when I jumped in my car and got out of there as fast as I could. I felt this thing was trying to circle behind me and I wasn’t going to wait around for that! Do I think I scared it? NO. But, I do think I confused it for a couple of minutes and that gave me time to move.

I told my husband about what had happened up there, but I didn’t tell him exactly what I saw. He would think I was nuts and to be honest, I thought I was a little crazy myself until I saw a picture of a Dogman. I know there are other things in this world that can’t be explained. I’ve seen them. But, this was beyond any of those things.

Since this has happened, I can’t take that shortcut through that area, anymore. My husband took me back over that way once, to see the area and I was begging him to get me out of there the whole time. I thought I was going to throw up.

The wildlife up there has almost totally disappeared. I never see anything up on the hills anymore. The street I live on is only about 1 mile or so down the hill from this place and lately, we have seen coyotes on the streets, like they have been chased out and pets here have started to go missing. We’ve also seen a large, black figure moving through our backyards down here. The dogs throughout the neighborhood go crazy regularly now, too. People were calling the cops when we saw that large, black figure jumping fences. I’m concerned that it has come down the hill, after eating everything up there.

Time: 7:30 PM
Date: Early December of 2013