Dogman Encounters

Okay. I’m sharing this story in hopes of someone else having another one. And I then will have this one out in the open.

I was traveling Highway 10, from the west coast to the south coast of Florida. I was with my 6 kids and pulling a trailer with all of my belongings and 3 dogs in it. I was in a big S.U.V., and it was around 2 AM. The kids were all asleep, and my 13-year-old daughter was in the passenger seat, to make sure I stayed awake.

So, after traveling Highway 10 for 3 days, I had decided since we reached Florida, we would cut through the state, to save some time. So, we got off Highway 10 on an off road, in hopes of getting gas and making up some time. It was along Route 27 (Apalachicola National Forest). We came to the first little gas station. It was closed. I was nervous because we needed gas. So, we continued on. I told my daughter to keep an eye out for deer crossing the 2-lane, deserted highway. Because, hitting a deer could kill us all and turn us over, due to the trailer we were pulling. We were traveling around 45 miles per hour. I remember this so clearly like it was yesterday. But it was three years ago. We had our brights on because the road was dark and winding. A few houses were on that highway, but not many. As we came around a corner, in the headlights, on the road, there was a lot of blood. Fresh blood. And on the side of the road was this 6 or 7-foot tall creature. It was on its hind legs, hunched over a dead deer, eating it. It did not look up. Not even when my headlights hit it. It was using its arms like a human, eating the deer. It had a very muscular body, pointed ears, and a long muzzle. If you ever saw a werewolf, this was it! It had a skinnier lower body but used its arms and hands just like a human. If it looked up, I would have died! I looked over at my daughter. We were both seeing the same thing, at the same time. Tears came to my eyes instantly, and at the same time, we both said, “werewolf!” I sped up, because I was scared it would run and jump on the trailer and kill my dogs. As we got about a mile away, my heart was beating so hard! My daughter and I were so freaked out! It was a werewolf!

I have never been a believer in werewolves. I don’t watch any werewolf movies or have any reason to make this up. And as a matter of fact, until today, I have only told a handful of people about this. There is a werewolf in Florida! Not sure of the exact town or road, but I wish I did know, so I could find out if we were the only ones to have seen this thing. I will live my life wondering. It was between Alabama to Florida, along the pan handle. I will never forget this night ever!