Dogman Encounters

I was on patrol as a deputy sheriff for the county and was usually assigned to the Highway 13 and highway 30 corridors. However, I recall that particular July first however that a young man, 16 or 17-year-old, had been sucked into a storm drain which emptied into cedar lake near the Quaker Oats plant. This is a place with heavy foot traffic and located in an urban setting the area is also bordered by Mohawk Park. As the search went on, into the night, the local PD got the county involved. I parked my cruiser at what I believe was the electric company storage yard, the yard had what I estimated to be a ten-foot fence that ran parallel to a paved bike trail on the other side of which runs a large concrete spillway to siphon off flood waters. I arrived at what I estimate to be roughly 11:30 PM to 11:45 PM. I estimate only because I assure you there never was, nor will be, an official statement or record with my name on it telling this story. As I left the lot I was at the north end of the lake and headed west on foot There was a lot of brush and saplings between the spillway and trail so I proceeded on to the point the trail turns south near where cedar lake empties into the cedar river under the railroad tracks leading into Quaker oats. There are multiple tracks at the turn I mentioned before and only the track furthest from myself had a train on it. With my attention on the spillway, I hardly noticed at first a faint red colored light a distance north from my position. It was coming down the track on the other side of the train. I had thought it perhaps the tail lights of a car, not being from that patrol route I had no knowledge that there was, in fact, no road in that direction. There ain’t much things in the world that scare me, put simply I’ve seen some shit in my fucken days. But nothing prepared me for that night. The lights disappeared and that was that or so I had figured. About five minutes pass before I hear a snorting almost sniffing sound coming from the other side of the tracks. When I turned the first thing I saw were the eyes. They glowed a dull red, the thing was at least 8 foot tall pushing 450 I judge this by the fact that I am 6’4, and weight 280. I turned my light and to this day wish I hadn’t. It had pointed ears and a long muzzle and it looked me right in the face before it bolted Into the timber. It was not a mask and it was NOT, a person in a costume. Who would walk up on an armed man with a police radio in full uniform and risk getting shot? I remember it was surreal, so final I guess. I know what’s in the dark now. people can say or think what they want but even with a chambered round and full magazine in a Glock 40. Didn’t feel like enough firepower. I unholstered and fell back toward the trail and to the electric company storage yard. putting the fence to my back I made a hasty retreat to the lot with my cruiser. I don’t think I holstered my pistol til I got out of the park. I never spoke of it then and honestly don’t know why I am now but one thing is for certain it knew I was there and it was watching my every move. I’ll never go back and I no longer work with the department since becoming a minister. But I still carry a Glock with hollow point rounds tipped with silver if, and I rarely do, leave my home at night.

Time: 11:30 PM
Date: July 1, 2014