Dogman Encounters

Normally I am carrying a 10mm handgun on my belt wherever I go. On this day I was heading to my Dr’s office for lab work, so I did not put my firearm and holster on my belt, but I did bring it in my truck.Due to road construction I was taking a back road to town. As I turned
down that road I noticed something about half a mile up the road  into a field on the other side. It looked canine. As I approached the area I slowed down to have a look. Standing in this field was the largest wolf I have ever seen, and there are two different packs of wolves that run the areas between where I live and the town where my doctor’s office is.  I’m very familiar with wolves (so much so that me being curious about it is an anomaly itself) but I was so curious about this huge wolf that I just had to stop to get a picture with my phone.

Everyone please understand that for some reason I’m not in my right mind at this point. I’m never curious about wolves, even such huge wolves, and I would not leave my truck to get a picture. Yet here I find myself grabbing my phone, shutting off my truck and walking out into this field to get a picture. I cannot describe what was going on in my head at that moment, all I knew is that I needed to get a picture up close.

The wolf moved behind this huge set of bushes. I couldn’t see through them at all, so I veered to my right to circle the bushes to get my picture. As I came around the bushes I came face to face with this wolf, it’s about 5 or 6 feet away from me. I stopped moving and somewhere in the back of my mind I’m hearing the words “Get the picture.” As I raise my phone the wolf growls, and somehow I feel like I understand the growl. This was a warning growl telling me I needed to back off. The hair on the back of my neck stood on end and I snapped out of whatever was going on. Shoving my phone into my pocket I say very loudly “If you want to get hostile with me buddy then I have a little something for ya.”

I reach for my pistol which is always on my side. I grab air. I run my hand along my belt looking for it, my eyes aren’t leaving this wolf. It’s not there. Then it occurs to me, I didn’t put it on my belt because I was driving to a gun free zone to have lab work done, it’s IN MY TRUCK!

Purposefully I turn and walk to my truck. My adrenaline is racing, my instincts are screaming at me to run as fast as I can, but my brain is telling me this wolf is bigger than I am (I’m 6’4″ tall, 300+lbs, not the most fit but definitely strong enough to contend with a normal wolf in a pinch and this thing made me feel small) and that running will trigger that predatory instinct. If I run, I won’t make it to my truck.

I reach my truck and grab the handle. Casting a glance over my shoulder I see the wolf standing with its front legs on the gravel right across the road from me and I knew that it hadn’t let me get further away than that particular distance. I hopped into my truck, slammed
the door and reached under my center console for my pistol. As I draw it from the holster I can see a huge nose in the corner of my eye about the center of my driver’s side window, I also realize that I had never chambered a round into that firearm that morning. The full weight of my stupidity hit me in that moment as I racked a round into the chamber. I glanced out the window and got a sense that this wolf was amused, the look on its face, its posture, the eyes. Those damned eyes were so human-like that I could read this creature’s emotions. It was fully amused while equally curious as to why a thin-skinned and squishy creature such as a human would actually walk right up to it on purpose.

I started my truck, put it in drive and gently pushed the gas pedal. I knew it wasn’t going to hurt me (mock me, yes – hurt me, no). As I started driving away, movement in my rear view mirror caught my eye. The wolf had turned and started walking back into the field…on its two hind legs.


Time: 9:20 AM

Date: January 2016