Dogman Encounters

My friend and I were walking in the woods behind my house and I was
recording with my phone. Something made me look in a certain
direction, I saw a black figure, appeared to be standing on two legs
with long arms. Completely black and hairy, about 7 feet tall, it
turned towards us and we ran. At first, I thought of a bear but after
viewing the video we realized it was definitely not a bear. It had
been behind a tree and then came out and turned towards us. It stood
completely still and made no effort to advance towards us. We didn’t
give it a chance, I grabbed my friend and yelled, “GO!” We watched the
video on a big screen tv and it looked like a werewolf, it has pointy ears
and long arms. Could not see the eyes. I believe if this was not a
shoplifting demon that it is Dogman.

Time: 4:30 PM
Date: 10/30/2016