Dogman Encounters

I never saw it, but in 1975, I was newly married, about 21 years old, and had a small baby. My sister, who was a teenager, was visiting us. My husband, my sister, and I had all gone to our bedrooms, to settle down and go to sleep. I would say it was around 11 or 12, at night.

We were just starting to relax and get sleepy when out of nowhere, there was this HORRIBLE, LOUD howl/yell. I mean, it was so loud, it made my chest vibrate and my ears hurt. The sound was not human but had a guttural human-like sound, mixed with what sounded like a wolf. We were living in a mobile home at the time and it howled just outside our back door, in the hallway, near our bedroom.

We jumped out of bed, looked at each other, and both said at the same time, “What the hell was that?” My husband was 10 years older than I was and was an avid hunter. He wasn’t the kind of guy to scare easily. His face drained of color. My sister came running down the hallway, white as a ghost, and said, “What was THAT?” I told her I didn’t know. My husband said he was getting his rifle and grabbed it out of the closet. He opened up the back door and yelled out into the wind, “You better get the $%^$ out of here, or I will blow your head off!” He listened a moment before I yelled at him to please shut the door. He did and we never heard anymore, after that.

Needless to say, we stayed up all night, afraid to go to sleep. I have never forgotten that howl. There is no way it was a dog or coyotes (I have heard both howl). It wasn’t a guy joking around, either. It was so loud, there is no way a human could have made that sound.

I Love your show and am glad to hear I am not the only one who has heard something like this.

Sue Baker
Date: July 1975