Dogman Encounters

One morning, around 6 AM, about two years ago, I was living not far from Washington D.C. A friend of a friend needed a roommate to afford the rent for an apartment he had found. So, when I was told about this, my first thought was, “Oh yeah! Here’s my chance to move out of my parent’s house!” After about six months of living in the area, I noticed that on certain nights, I would hear loud roars in the distance. I could never tell how far away the noise was coming from. It would sometimes sound nearby or just far enough away where I wouldn’t mind being outside to see what it might be making the sound, from a safe distance.

I lived in a quiet, wooded area. A lot of people lived in the area. I actually lived within five minutes walking distance away from the University of Maryland. One morning, around 6 AM, I just snapped awake from a deep, sound sleep, for no reason at all. I started to go back to sleep but thought to myself, “Why am I wide awake and alert?” It was strange. I was completely awake. Then, right in my backyard, I heard a low, deep growl. That’s when I knew something was up. The moment I heard that, I knew. That was why I woke up. I remained quiet and didn’t move for the next five to ten minutes, as this thing started to become very active in my backyard. It went from the low growls to heavy breathing. This thing’s lungs had to be massive because it sounded the same exact way a horse would if you were standing right next to it. When it breathed through its nose, it sounded more like a horse, but this thing sounded like it was aggressive. I knew it wasn’t a horse in the backyard. That wouldn’t be possible but what I saw was very real. It literally ran from my backyard into the dividing fence of my backyard, from my neighbor’s backyard, again and again. It made no sense for it to be doing that. It would often stop and sniff around and sneeze very loudly. It sounded like it was right next to my window and I was on the second floor. I didn’t want to look out the window because I thought that there’s no way in the world no one else is hearing this right now but me. I thought, “This thing is trying to get my attention on purpose!” I stayed still in bed, without moving and I was beyond scared! I really thought it was a werewolf, even before I saw it. I always thought that they were real. The guys that lived below me started yelling and screaming, “El diablo!” Over and over again, they yelled that. I could hear the thing leaving the backyard, so I hurried to try and get a look at it. When I did, all I saw was its back side. This thing was massive, with broad shoulders, like a bodybuilder and it had ears sticking up on its head. It slowly walked away, until I lost sight of it.

Cornell Murray
Time: 6 AM
Date: Unknown