Dogman Encounters

While scanning the valley floor, for sheep, a mile from my house, I noticed two loping figures. Initially, I thought the figures were coyotes or stray dogs, but as the 2 figures neared an old sunken vehicle, I realized that the things were about the size of the vehicle. Nearly 8 feet long! No animal could be that big on the rez. I watched the 2 figures until they disappeared into the woods, across the valley. It was starting to get dark, but the moon was bright enough, so I walked without a light. As I walked down the mountain, I heard something yelling. It was like a howl or a yell. I started to hurry. Then, when I got to my house, I locked the door and spent the night listening to the strangest sounds.

I’m sure it was a skinwalker, but I found this site and was surprised.

Syrus Nez
Time: 7 PM
Date: July 2, 2015