Dogman Encounters

My encounter happened in February 2009. In November 2008, I broke my arm and was basically stranded at home. I was unable to drive or work and was going stark, raving mad with boredom. My best friend would drive the 35 miles north from Muskegon, to pick me up in Shelby; just to take me back to Muskegon, for a visit at her home. She’d take me to dinner or out to see a movie, only to deliver me home to Shelby, after whichever activity. It was truly a selfless act of love.

One night, she was driving me home. It was very late, well after 11 pm. We were on US-31 Northbound, around the Rothbury area of Oceana County, on the expressway. Being February, in Michigan, the roads were naturally snowy, with scattered patches of ice and bare pavement. There was a small pickup truck in front of us, about 5 car lengths ahead of her car, when all of a sudden, we saw something on 2 legs dart out from the left, just in front of an overpass. It ran across the 2 lane highway and hit the back of the small pickup in the rear quarter-panel, causing the pickup to fishtail. Luckily, the driver of the small pickup regained control but they didn’t stop to see what collided with their truck. If anything, it seemed to pick-up speed and get the heck out of there. My friend and I watched in utter astonishment as the creature finished running to the right and disappeared into the weeds and trees along the highway. It didn’t even break stride after it hit the truck. We looked at one another, sat in silence for a moment, and then I said, “Did you see….?” She said, “Yea. I saw it….”

We finished the ride to my house in silence; both lost in our thoughts. It looked like a giant dog or wolf. It was on its hind legs; not all 4’s and it was at least 7 feet tall. It had pointed ears, a kind of mane around its neck ( much like a lion’s mane), was dark in color, and its hind legs looked like a dog’s, which was even more pronounced, as it was running only on its hind legs. It’s front legs were freely swinging as it ran and it seemed to have its mouth slightly open. It had an elongated face, very much like a collie face and a long nose protruding from its face. Its face was covered by longish hair. The entire creature seemed to be covered in long hair but I can’t recall if it had a tail. Something tells me it did but I can’t recall for certain, so I don’t want to say it did, when in fact, I’m not sure. We thought perhaps it may have been one of the Michigan Dogmen that are said to be in our area. Being a former Native American area, we have heard the stories but never met anyone that had a first-hand encounter. It was always someone who knew someone who knew someone who saw something. But now, my best friend and I definitely saw it. We had a first-hand experience. Our encounter was brief and over in a matter of mere moments but it was front and center of us and we saw it clear as a bell.

Laura Love
​Time: 11:30 PM to 12:30 PM
​Date: February of 2009