Dogman Encounters

I encountered a bipedal wolf-like creature, here in western Michigan and it’s got me spooked.

I was out shoveling snow, as it’s common here in my state. My encounter happened in a place just south of Rothbury, Michigan.

I decided to take a walk in my family’s woods, one day. That’s when my life changed forever! My family owns 270 acres of land, here in the town/city of Montague, Mi. I ventured out into those woods, as I’ve done many times (100’s of them). The walk started as any one would. I started to follow the creek south, to check for deer stands, on our property. The walk went as planned until I got about 300 yards south of the house. I stopped, to have a cigarette. My eyes started to wander, as I scoped for deer or coyote. As I gazed back and forth, I noticed this figure and froze. I literally froze! This thing made eye contact with me and then stood up. It was hairy, had very broad shoulders, and amber colored eyes. It let out a growl unlike any other I’ve heard. This wolf, as I call it, made two leaps and was gone.

The most surprising thing about this encounter was how silent the woods were, up to when I had my encounter. So that you know, your episode 80 is what made me want to talk about this.

Date: January 2016