Dogman Encounters

I was driving home from work on a 6-lane highway, heading west into Hamilton, Ontario. As I drove, on my side of the highway, I saw a dog cross from the left side to the right. That area is full of trees, bushes, channels, and ravines of water that are off-shoots of Lake Ontario. When I saw the dog, it was approximately 1/2 of a kilometer ahead of me. The astonishing aspect of this dog (I’m certain it was a dog) was that its length from nose to rump (excluding its tail) covered almost the full width of the lane. 8 FEET!!! Where it was heading was back into a small valley filled with heavy forestation and a ravine. I couldn’t believe a dog could grow to that size.

I still remind my boyfriend of this occasionally. I have no witnesses.

Eleanor Smythe
​Time: Around 3 PM
​Date: October or November 2014