Dogman Encounters

I was driving home from doing some shopping in a nearby town and was all alone just driving and listening to the radio. It was just before sunset on a beautiful summer day. I was admiring the sky because it was such a bright orange. While driving through some S-curves in the road, I made the first turn and saw some deer dart across the road. Immediately I hit the breaks to slow down, not knowing if there were more to come out of the woods. On the opposite side of the road, it drops down a steep embankment to a farm field. I had slowed the car down and scanned the treeline for more deer. That’s when this thing jumped out of the woods running after the deer. He landed in the middle of the road and cleared the rest of the road in his next stride.

It’s so hard to comprehend what I saw but, it sounds like the descriptions that people have claimed on here. It was a Grey figure with a short sleek coat. I did not see a tail on this creature. It was on all 4s and was the same height as the deer. His head was very odd. It looked like a dog head with cropped pointed ears but had a very short muzzle. He briefly turned his head towards me when he crossed and his eyes…I wouldn’t say they glowed but they weren’t normal animal eyes. They were like dull yellow. And they definitely stood out. His body was what really confused me because the way it moved was like a human would move when trying to run on all 4s. Its gait looked lazy. Like he was just kinda loping across the road. It was very muscular on the front end but had a very thin almost sickly looking abdominal area and hind legs. Once he was across the road I lost sight of him over the embankment. I was so confused as to what I saw that I didn’t tell anyone right away for fear that they would think I was crazy.

I have been searching for answers since then but came up with nothing. I eventually told my husband and one close friend but neither of them had heard of anything that matched my description. I’m still not 100% sure that I saw a Dogman but it is the only thing I have come across that sounds reasonably close to what I saw.

Time: Sunset
Date: Summer of 2016